Fitness retreats

This collection features two types of fitness retreat – those that run fitness sessions all year as part of their programme, and those specialising in fitness on set dates. If you’re planning a fitness holiday, you’ll find a wonderful selection of retreats, all in breathtaking locations, including the UK and Europe. Maybe you’ve decided to get fitter and you want to give it 100 per cent? Then you could head to a bolt-hole bootcamp on the edge of a charming Catalan village in Spain and sample a programme put together by trainers of military discipline, or book a retreat on Anglesey in the UK where you can combine running or mountain hikes with yoga. Another retreat company runs trips to exotic locations, like Iceland, Ecuador, Mongolia and Japan, where you can expect plenty of activities, often in remote wild locations. Most of our fitness retreats use our natural environment as a playground for workouts and their daily activities complement each other, building up in intensity as the week goes by. The good news is after a day of core workouts, kick boxing, circuits and beach drills, you can ease those aching abs and glutes with a massage.

Set-date fitness retreats

Immersive, transformative fitness breaks that run on set dates in breathtaking places


Year-round fitness retreats

Retreats open all year round that offer fitness classes or programmes to tone and inspire you