Mental health retreats

Sometimes we need more than life coaching and counselling. We need an expert who’s qualified and can examine, listen and maybe diagnose us. The retreats in this section are run by experienced therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, who can help us build resilience and resolve trauma. You’ll be in caring, empathetic hands and looked after by people who know their stuff. You might choose a retreat run by a qualified mental health practitioner and yoga instructor who mixes walking, yoga, journaling and nourishing meals. At her retreats in the UK and France, she blends modern day wellbeing with eastern approaches, such as Ayurveda, mindfulness and yoga. During turbulent times, we often need to process, evaluate and take time out, and this is offered at another retreat which runs programmes all over the world, including Somerset and London in the UK. These therapeutic clinical retreats offer change, healing and transformation and pay extraordinary attention to detail. If you’re more active and want to try something a little different, surf-therapy might be a good choice. Choose from locations in North Devon in the UK or Morocco, and experience trauma sensitive yoga, psycho-education, group therapy, mindfulness, meditation and surf lessons.

Resurface Retreats

Life changing surf-therapy retreats and intensives for trauma, resilience and flow

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Value Your Mind Retreats

Cosseting weekend or 5-night retreats with yoga, journalling, walks and good food

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The Arrigo Programmes

The Arrigo Programme international retreats held in spellbinding locations around the world.

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