Medical health retreats

Medical health retreats guarantee you the advice of well-trained medical doctors and often specialists to help you deal with a health issue. You might choose a swish medical spa in the Tyrolean Alps in Austria, or at a stunning sanctuary in leafy Surrey in the UK. Some of our medical retreats have a first rate medical team and an impressive array of diagnostic equipment. You can be confident you’re in expert hands and your treatment will be tailored specifically for you. Some might seem more like a private hospital, with impressive clinical facilities, while others retain their retreat or hotel ambiance, but behind the scenes, their treatment is top-notch. These are the places to go if you want intravenous drip therapy, diagnostic tests for Alzheimer’s Disease or lung cancer, or even surgery. At several in our collection, the experts believe good health depends on a good digestion, and they’ll assess your gut health, before starting you on a programme, such as 5:2 fasting, to regenerate your digestion. Others believe sleep, nutrition and movement are pivotal to good health, and they’ll do a microbiome analysis and a melatonin measurement to ascertain the state of your health before making a plan for the future.

Preidlhof, Italy

Expert therapy and healing retreats in the South Tyrol

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Park Igls Health Retreat, Austria

Top notch medical spa in the Tyrolean Alps

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