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Transformative fitness retreats in natural and comfortable locations

In a nutshell: Wildfitness has been delivering transformative fitness holidays and retreats since 2001. The focus is on nourishing and diverse movement, healthy and local eating, and plenty of rest to reset and realign your body so you go home stronger, more confident and resilient version of yourself. As well as plenty of inventive, holistic workouts in outdoor locations, there are interesting lifestyle talks, delicious healthy meals and supremely comfortable accommodation. Wildfitness started their retreats in Kenya - they now run them on set dates during the year in Norfolk, Menorca, Iceland and Crete.

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Emma Douglas reviews this fabulous fitness retreat on a UNESCO-protected reserve on Menorca and finds her tribe. Caroline Sylger Jones reviews this fitness holiday in the Cretan mountains and discovers a cure for her allergy to working out.

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