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In a nutshell: Reclaim Your Self specialise in yoga retreats and wellness adventures and run around 10 retreats year. Their inspirational trips  combine dynamic yoga or food and culture experiences with healthy, thoughtfully prepared vegetarian food and lots of adventures in some breathtaking locations. With destinations like Croatia, Iceland, Lapland, Scotland, Ecuador, Mongolia and Japan on offer, their retreats are often in remote and wild places and include plenty of action and exploring. Truly passionate about responsible travel, they co-create retreats with their local partners and work in places where they can have a positive impact on the environment and local economies.

Best for: Relatively fit people of all ages who enjoy yoga, exciting travel experiences and exploring off the beaten track places.

Not for: Those who want to spend lots of time chilling by the pool, as most of the retreats are pretty active.

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Panama Island Hopping Retreat

Destination: Bocas del Torro islands, Panama

Date: 14 Feb 2021 - 21 Feb 2021

Price: £1695 for 7 nights

Experience: Beach, Yoga, Adventure

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Company Page:76402

Yoga and island hopping in a tropical wilderness with Tania Brown

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Japan Jivamukti Retreat

Destination: Kyushu and Kyoto, Japan

Date: 11 Apr 2021 - 18 Apr 2021

Price: £2495 for 7 nights

Experience: Yoga, Adventure, Cultural

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Company Page:76402

Yoga, temples, tea and cherry blossom in Kyusho & Kyoto with Emma Henry

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Scotland Yoga & Wilderness

Destination: Cairngorms, Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Date: 7 May 2021 - 10 May 2021

Price: £675 for 3 nights

Experience: Yoga, Walking, Wild swimming

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Company Page:76402

Jivamukti yoga and adventures in the Scottish Highlands with Emma Henry

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Croatia Wilderness Retreat

Destination: Croatia

Date: 12 Jun 2021 - 19 Jun 2021

Price: From £1595 for 7

Experience: Yoga, Adventure, Horse riding

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Company Page:76402

A yoga and riding retreat in the Croatian wilderness with Tania Brown

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Woodland Yoga Weekend

Destination: Bath, United Kingdom

Date: 25 Jun 2021 - 28 Jun 2021

Price: £350 for 3 nights

Experience: Meditation, Yoga, Wild swimming

Retreat Page:

Company Page:76402

Rewild with a weekend of yoga, glamping and simple living with Adam Husler

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Svalbard Arctic Explorer Retreat

Destination: Spitsbergen, Norway

Date: 4 Jul 2021 - 10 Jul 2021

Price: £2999 for 7 nights

Experience: Yoga, Adventure, Hiking

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Company Page:76402

An off-grid expedition to one of the most remote places on earth

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Azores Yoga Retreat

Destination: Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal

Date: 11 Sep 2021 - 16 Sep 2021

Price: £1295 for 5 nights

Experience: Meditation, Spa, Yoga

Retreat Page:

Company Page:76402

Explore the Atlantic ocean's best kept secret islands with teacher Adam Husler

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Greece Yoga Retreat

Destination: Greece

Date: 18 Sep 2021 - 25 Sep 2021

Price: £1595 for 7 days

Experience: Beach, Meditation, Yoga

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Company Page:76402

Escape to a secret Greek island with yoga teacher Jean Hall

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Cooking, Culture and Trekking

Destination: Rajasthan and Almora, India

Date: 3 Oct 2021 - 12 Oct 2021

Price: £1895 for 10 days

Experience: Foodie, Cultural, Walking

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Company Page:76402

Cooking and culture in Rajasthan and trekking in The Himalayas

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Iceland Wilderness Retreat

Destination: North Iceland

Date: 16 Oct 2021 - 21 Oct 2021

Price: £1195 for 5 nights

Experience: Spa, Yoga, Horse riding, Walking

Retreat Page:70187

Company Page:76402

Epic yogi adventures in remote Icelandic mountains with Adam Husler

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Lapland Treehouse Retreat

Destination: Lapland, Sweden

Date: 28 Oct 2021 - 1 Nov 2021

Price: £1195 for 4 nights

Experience: Spa, Yoga, Walking

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Company Page:76402

A treehouse retreat with Emma Henry - tranquility in the treetops.

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Ecuador Wellness Adventure

Destination: Andes and Amazon, Ecuador

Date: 13 Nov 2021 - 21 Nov 2021

Price: £2095 for 10 nights

Experience: Foodie, Adventure, Cultural

Retreat Page:

Company Page:76402

A Wellness Journey to the Heart of the World with Bettina's Kitchen

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What’s Queenly?

They work in unusual locations so are ideal if you want to combine a healthy holiday with exploring some of the world's most remarkable places with an experienced retreat company. They combine practising yoga with world class teachers with bucket list adventures so you can experience the Northern Lights, Midnight Sun, Arctic adventures, exotic private islands and more. They are a positive impact retreat company, with a clear responsible travel plan and work closely with local partners.

What’s Lowly?

The locations and quality of these retreats means they are not cheap but you get a lot for your money. The yoga style is dynamic and challenging (although tailored for all levels) so it requires a commitment to classes. Most locations are quite remote, requiring a fair bit of travel.

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Our reviewer Kim Willis loved her yoga adventure retreat in Iceland with Reclaim Your Self and found stunning scenery, hygge and a new best friend, while on her Reclaim Your Self digital detox and yoga retreat in England our reviewer Ruth Rosselson defragged with Jivamukti and tasty veggie food in the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside.

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Delicious menus feature mostly plant-based food, with occasional, optional sustainably and ethically sourced animal-based products. They are made up of nutrient dense foods that are gentle on the digestion are fully balanced when it comes to micro and macro nutrients. Chefs create dishes with what is available seasonally in each country. Menus are mostly gluten free, although sometimes you may be offered spelt or other high-quality breads baked with ancient grains. Coffee is served with breakfast and teas are available all day. Alcohol is not served, but you are welcome to have a drink if you are out on an excursion.


Reclaim Your Self is a positive impact yoga travel company with a clear and honest responsible travel policy which details how they are reducing their carbon emissions, supporting local businesses, respecting local communities, safe guarding nature and supporting conservation, practising and promoting eco-friendly travel. They publish the eco credentials of each of their locations, and work in low impact locations with excellent natural resource management. They avoid over-touristy places and work with hosts who are passionate about preserving their environment. Their retreats are co-created with local partners and they contribute to local economies, supporting family run places and small businesses and they respect and celebrate local cultures.

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How many stars would you give this retreat? :

This was an incredible trip with incredible food (as told by a chef)! This experience was unforgettable. A perfect balance of yoga/relaxation and exploring/adventures. Jools and Emma were amazing. Highly recommend!

Claire Teed
How many stars would you give this retreat? :

Totally recommend this opportunity to see aspects of Japan and Japanese nature and culture less accessible to general tourists, combined with knockout yoga, amazing food and wonderful company .. all delivered with care, respect and a healthy dose of humour. Life affirming!

Julie & Grace
How many stars would you give this retreat? :

To anyone wavering about visiting Mongolia, get your names down while you can, it is such an amazing place. The endless skies and awesome landscapes are totally inspiring – as is the sense of quiet, space and freedom which affected us all.
This was such a special trip. As ever, courageously and thoughtfully put together and attentively overseen by Jools. This time supported by her amazing team of Emma, Bettina and Elodie and a cast of beautiful spirited locals. Further assisted by very large yaks, camels, wild horses and their stylish horse whisperers or a fleet of jeeps.
Much more than a great yoga holiday with a great teacher, it was a real adventure. Whether camel riding or hiking across ethereal Gobi landscapes, leaping over swollen rivers or riding through fluorescent meadows of wildflowers, whether enjoying hot saunas, fab massages or lovingly prepared food – we felt blessed. Not least because we were sleeping in cosy yurts beneath the stars, but because we were miles away from digital distraction, this felt like a proper retreat.
Just wonderful. You deserve it too. Just go!

How many stars would you give this retreat? :

The Japan trip was amazing. I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated when I got back, it was a total break from life, fascinating country, fantastic yoga and beautifully organised by Jools.
Emma is the best yoga teacher I know so I always love going on trips with her. It takes a special person who can fly across half the world, turn up in an unfamiliar yoga space and create such a warm and welcoming atmosphere where everyone can get deep into the yoga and challenge themselves. Needless to say she did this and the yoga was the best ever.
The rest of the yoga retreat was such fun, a variety of things to see (temples and shrines), bathing in the onsen baths and the traditional the tea ceremony was a highlight because I ADORE matcha tea. Everything ran smoothly thanks to Jools’ amazing organisation. The food was incredible too, a fair amount of it was very unfamiliar but it was (mostly) delicious and a real culinary adventure!
The rest of the group was the best ever (this was my fourth retreat with Jools) a wonderful group of people who threw themselves into the retreat with gusto and everyone got on like a house on fire. Thanks to everyone for making it so special to me and especially to Jools and Emma, I really admire you. See you all soon. Will be booking another one soon.

Fab & Vicki
How many stars would you give this retreat? :

Not sure where to start … The experience has been so transformative that our hearts are still in our Mongolian camp 10 days after being back in London. Jools, Emma and Bettina are the Holy Trinity of retreats – each one striving and achieving being the best in their field. They were the glue that held all our wonderful experiences firmly together and gave us the opportunity to relax and be adventurous. That said, Mongolia is just the most beautiful country with the most wonderful, hospitable and inspiring people. We felt so privileged to be able to meet them and get to experience a less wasteful and gentler way of living. The scenery is remote and other-worldly – this combined with digital detox, Bettina’s incredible vegan menu and Emma’s daily enlightening classes were a gift which we will cherish forever. Thank you Jools for taking the less travelled path to offer us this opportunity.

How many stars would you give this retreat? :

This was an unforgettable experience had with incredible people. Jools, Emma, Bettina and Elodie took great care supporting us in Mongolia, while making us feel welcome and connected. I travelled to Mongolia alone but didn’t feel lonely at all on this trip and it’s credit to the wonderful people who put heart and soul organizing it. This country and the people in it are beautiful and so wonderful. I highly recommend it to all who love a good adventure and yoga! I learned so much.