Virtual Journeys

Not able or inclined to travel? Why not take a virtual journey? You could do a series of online workshops with coaches, therapists and teachers. Or consider a bespoke virtual retreat over the course of a few days and be hand-held through the full experience in your own home, or that boutique B & B you’ve always wanted to stay at. Here are just some of our queenly retreats who are running virtual experiences. Click the buttons to find out full information and book. To support your retreat at home experience, also read the features in our journal.

2020, The Year of Growth

By: Bliss Body Retreat

Date: Starting 13 December 2020

Price: £81pp

Experience: Meditation, Heal

Retreat Page:70631

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A three-week retreat with live sessions, recorded meditations, videos and daily emails to balance energy.

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Virtual Bespoke Retreat

By: Bespoke Retreats

Date: To suit you

Price: From £247pp

Experience: Meditation, Heal, Transformation

Retreat Page:69657

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Join transformational healer Lynn Jackson for a soul-centred journey of nurturance and awakening tailored exclusively for you.

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Coming Home Gathering

By: Sen Wellness

Date: Second Saturday of each month

Price: On application

Experience: Connect, Heal, Transformation

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Company Page:76382

An online healing series to help you feel more connected, grounded and gather with like-minded communities.

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Online Yoga Classes

By: Samsara Retreat & Yoga

Date: Every Sun, Mon, Wed and Fri at 7pm GMT

Price: £10pp per class

Experience: Gentle movement, Yoga

Retreat Page:70569

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A mix of Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga yoga with Dipu and Lori - without leaving your own home.

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Home Healing Retreat

By: Platinum Healing

Date: Visit website for details

Price: From £500

Experience: Juice fast detox, Raw food detox

Retreat Page:70059

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Live weekly classes of yoga and meditation with 100% organic juice delivery and The Home Detox Box.

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Daily Guided Meditation and Yoga

By: Mindfulness Journeys

Date: Daily

Price: On application

Experience: Meditation, Yoga

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Company Page:76378

An expert set daily schedule of live meditation, morning flow and yin yoga classes in the comfort of your own home.

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Virtual Emotional Transformation

By: Chateau de Mouillac

Date: To suit you

Price: £1950 pp for 5 days

Experience: Health, Therapy, Transformation

Retreat Page:68884

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Intensive 5 day, one-to-one emotional and health work for profound long lasting and life changing results.

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Virtual Narrative Strategy

By: The Strategic Space

Date: To suit you

Price: On application

Experience: Life coaching, Transformation

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Company Page:76384

Structured virtual retreats and private 1:1 strategy sessions online with Julie Hosler to help you shift your perspective.

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Virtual Writing Retreats

By: The Writing Room Retreats

Date: To suit you

Price: On application

Experience: Creative writing, Journalling, Life coaching

Retreat Page:

Company Page:76411

Courses and Mentorship programmes to help you write your book, whatever the genre.

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Ananda’s Wellness Bliss

By: Ananda in the Himalayas

Date: To suit you

Price: From INR3500 pp

Experience: Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda

Retreat Page:70478

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Experts from Ananda in the Himalayas offer personalised online programmes to help you enhance vitality and relaxation.

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Get Unstuck Now Virtual Retreats

By: Get Unstuck in Two Days

Date: To suit you

Price: On application

Experience: Grow, Business coaching, Life coaching

Retreat Page:69875

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Hugely effective private two-day virtual retreats with mentor Jessica McGregor Johnson to get your life moving again.

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Art Therapy Virtual Retreats

By: Artful Retreats

Date: To suit you

Price: On application

Experience: Arts and crafts, Therapy, Transformation

Retreat Page:69789

Company Page:

Book private or group art therapy sessions to get creative and work out the way ahead, or enjoy free online resources.

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Holy Mama Online Sadhana

By: HolyMama

Date: Book online

Price: From €33 for a 40 day course

Experience: Grow, Spiritual, Therapy

Retreat Page:

Company Page:76404

Holy Mama offers holistic online sessions, and Sadhana for donations to support struggling mothers in cities & refugee camps.

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Free Sanctuary Yoga Classes

By: The Sanctuary, Thailand

Date: Daily

Price: Free

Experience: Yoga, Connect

Retreat Page:70269

Company Page:

Join expert teachers at their free daily yoga classes beamed from the jungle yoga studio at The Sanctuary on Koh Phanghan.

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Virtual Breathwork

By: Discover Your Depths Retreats

Date: Every Tuesday and Thursday

Price: By Donation

Experience: Meditation, Yoga, Emotional healing

Retreat Page:

Company Page:76417

Join freediver and pranayama expert Sara Campbell for twice-weekly practice sessions to find inner balance and ease.

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