Vegetarian retreats

Vegetarianism is increasingly popular, and whether you are a beginner wanting to try it out for the first time or an experienced vegetarian foodie, most of the retreats on Queen of Retreats offer brilliant vegetarian menus, and there are also many dedicated vegetarian retreats here to suit a mix of tastes and budgets that serve mainly vegetarian food to all of their guests.

A vegetarian retreat is not only an ideal opportunity to detox and cleanse by incorporating more plant-based foods in your diet, but also a great way to pick up some creative cooking inspiration to take home and use in your daily life. These healthy breaks ensure you are fuelling your body with nutrient-rich food, packed full of (usually) organic and locally sourced ingredients, that will ensure you finish every meal feeling satisfied and energised. Try vegetarian snacks to rival those served in gourmet restaurants and open your palette to new and exciting flavours. Queen of retreats also reviews a range of dedicated Vegan retreats, click here to explore. Vegan retreats

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