Puyssentut, France

Nuture, calm and inspiration, especially for people with cancer

Week-long group retreats of various types run at least four times a year, usually in April, May, June and October.

€1,450 per person per week in a private, ensuite room, including all meals, classes, activities, complementary treatments, and airport pick-up and drop-off. Earlybird discount on bookings before January 31st. For those who want to go on retreat but can’t afford it, financial help is also available from The Puyssentut Foundation.

The retreat is limited to 10 guests with cancer (each with a private, ensuite bedroom) who may each bring 1 person with them.

Best for: Restore and Revitalise is for people who have, or have had, cancer and need nourishment and nurture along with their family, friends or carers. You are equally welcome if you currently have cancer or if you have been out of treatment for some time. Moment for Me and a Hands on Health Cookery and Wellbeing retreats are open to anyone in need of rest and wellbeing.

Not for: Anyone looking for a strict detox. Also please note, Puyssentut is not a hospice, and the cancer-focused Restore and Revitalise retreats are not suitable for anyone who needs nursing care or who is not fit to travel.

In a nutshell: Puyssentut (pronounced pwee-sen-toot) is a lovingly restored, beautiful 14th century chateau who's name means ‘protected high place’. And indeed, within its thick limestone walls and extensive gardens, Anglo-Dutch couple, Angela and Dirk-Karel have created a remarkable haven for wellbeing, especially for people with or recovering from cancer. Nestled amidst fields of sunflowers in the glorious rural Gascony countryside of Commune of Homps in South West France, the house has 10 ensuite rooms designed for sanctuary and comfort and an outdoor salt water swimming pool in a colourful and fragrant garden. Come for nurturing retreats on set dates throughout the year that include daily yoga and meditation, complimentary therapy treatments and delicious detoxifying meals.

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What’s Queenly?

The passion and commitment of the hosts, Angela and DK, to nourish their guests and whole-heartedly share the splendours of their home. Their wealth of knowledge, skills and experience is shared with generosity and care. They are very understanding about the problems that can arise for anyone with cancer who has last minute medical problems, so deposits will be returned if necessary. This of course makes it a very uncertain business for them to run, as they can lose participants at the last minute. Despite this, they remain committed to provide a haven for all those suffering from cancer.

What’s Lowly?

A note of caution only to those who want more silence on a retreat – this can be rather social, especially at mealtimes. But the garden provides plenty of space for you to find a quiet spot, or you can retreat to the sanctuary of your comfortable, spacious room. If you have allergies to pets make sure you mention it on the booking form as this is a many-legged, family-run retreat. Extra attention and care is made to minimise any difficulty that this may cause.

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We have had two reviewers who have suffered with Cancer attend the Restore and Revitalise retreat at Puyssentut. Read Tara Sampy’s transformative experience, or find out how Liz Veats found healing on all levels in our Journal.

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Retreat Activities

Puyssentut offers different week-long retreats throughout the year, including a Restore and Revitalise retreat for cancer sufferers, and The 'Moment for Me - Reset and Relaxation Retreat' and 'Hands on Health Cookery and Wellbeing Retreat' are open to anyone. Each retreat offers daily yoga and meditation sessions and has at its core a highly nutritious vegetarian diet lovingly prepared for your health needs. You are free to do as much or as little as you choose, and between times to rest, lie in the hammock or by the pool, take a stroll round the garden or into the woodlands nearby.

There is no medical supervision, but medical assistance is very close by if it’s needed. Great care is taken at the time you book to ensure this is the right retreat for you. You are required to fill in a medical questionnaire as part of the booking form that gives Angela and DK a picture of what you have been through and what you are still having by way of treatment, ensuring they and the therapeutic team provide the right level of support and care for you. This is to help them prepare for each individual; and Angela will say if she thinks Puyssentut cannot cater for your medical needs. You are also asked to provide written confirmation from your doctor or medical practitioner that they see no reason for you not to travel. You’ll also receive a useful and reassuring ‘what to bring’ guide.

On your week DK and Angela ‘hold’ the retreat space and generally make sure all the needs of the participants are met, physically, mentally and emotionally. DK is Dutch (but a perfect English speaker) and ran his own business sourcing and selling furniture for 18 years, but after supporting three close friends with cancer, decided to do something with a greater social impact and eventually founded Puyssentut with Angela. Zen Buddhism and macrobiotic cooking help keep him centred and focused. Angela is English and a qualified counsellor and Core Energetics therapist with a masters degree in Development Economics. She worked on social and economic policy issues in developing countries for 10 years, but then wanted to focus on issues closer to home. More recently, since creating the retreats, Angela was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is now well and “with hand on heart” can testify to the person centred holistic healing that Puyssentut offers.

Restore and Revitalise retreats provide a supportive environment for you to rest and relax, to reconnect with yourself and regain your focus and energy. You can choose from daily yoga and meditation classes, complementary healing treatments, counselling and guided walks. And there is plenty of free time to rest and relax. Holistic chefs lovingly prepare (mostly) plant-based meals – avoiding sugar, dairy and gluten - to gently detox and nourish you. All dietary requirements can be catered for.

‘Moment for Me’ is a stress busting retreat that takes place once a year to help you rest and re-energise with yoga, meditation and relaxation sessions, complementary treatments, great food and plenty of time to relax in the beautiful, tranquil environment of a medieval château. It’s especially good for those who feel frayed at the edges and and are in need of time and space to practice self care.

This week-long retreat runs once a year and helps you develop new skills, knowledge, inspiration and confidence to adopt a more plant-based, holistic diet to support your own health. It’s suitable for all levels of cooking experience. There will be plenty of time too to nurture yourself with yoga, meditation, guided relaxation sessions and complementary healing treatments. As well as learning new culinary skills you will feast on delicious and nourishing meals prepared for you.

These can include yoga, meditation, tai chi, qigong and dance and take place in a wonderfully light and airy stone barn which has been converted into a spacious heated studio space. On our visit DK ran a session on Wim Hoff breathing which we found really energising. Biodanza with Franka Zmugg is also available, an uplifting guided dance and movement session. Each day begins with Zen meditation led by DK, which is open to guests and the team, and the evening relaxation sessions are led by different members of the team allowing you to experience a range of calming activities as the day closes. A particular favourite was the warm foot soak whilst having a shoulder massage - heavenly!

Therapies on offer will vary depending on the therapists that have been invited that week, but can include reflexology, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), creative writing, art therapy, art workshops, cranial sacral therapy, massage, shiatsu, visualization and various energetic healing techniques. Angela is English and a qualified counsellor and Core Energetics therapist.

Nutritional information and advice is available at Puyssentut. At each retreat there is a nutritional Question and Answer workshop offering general information and advice as well as ideas on how to include new ingredients and adapt diets. If you have specific questions, you can consult the chefs, who are qualified in nutrition counselling.

Puyssentut is surrounded by woodland and gentle rolling countryside with no nearby neighbours or roads to disturb the peace. The air is fresh and the climate gentle. There are plenty of walking opportunities so you can take a leisurely stroll or, if you fancy something more vigorous, stride out across the hills. Angela can provide route instructions and often loves to guide you herself. Angela can provide route instructions or Bobby the dog will happily be your guide

Personal spaces

The Chateau has 10 ensuite rooms, two of which are wheelchair accessible, all tastefully designed with a mixture of modern and more traditional features. Modern art from Dirk and Angel’s travels collections grace the walls, and all the rooms have good views out to the garden and surrounding countryside - ours, for example, looked out onto daisies, the vegetable garden and golden fields. Organic natural insect repellent is provided should mosquitos strike during the summer months, and hot water bottles during cooler months, so bed-time is always cosy.

Other spaces to be

There quiet corners in the garden where you can swing in a hammock, and a dovecote hidden down a grassy path overlooking sunflower fields where you can sit to reflect quietly or meditate.

Insider Tips

Bring a swimsuit for Summer (or if you don’t mind braving an unheated pool in Autumn and Spring), and a hat and sunscreen. Trainers or light walking shoes are ideal for local strolls, while slippers will keep your feet warm on the stone floors during Autumn and Spring. Although it’s southern France, you can’t guarantee the weather even in summer, so do pack socks and a jumper! Wifi is available, but not in the bedrooms. Organic, locally produced mosquito repellent is provided, but bring something stronger if you are particularly susceptible. If you are allergic to bees and wasps, bring anti-histamine medication too. Do ensure you have enough supply of any medications you are taking to last throughout your stay.

When to Go

The climate in the Gers, with its proximity to the Pyrenees mountains, is very agreeable. Early Summer days are typically sunny, averaging a comfortable high of 23-27 degrees centigrade, with very pleasant temperatures from April to October. In the Spring and Autumn days can be fresh in the early morning and late evening but warm up quickly. Bring layers that you can shed through the day.

Shared places

Puyssentut is situated in the Commune of Homps, in the Gers, in the Midi-Pyrenees region of South West France. The gardens are filled with a wonderful array of flowers: swathes of lavender, verbena and herbs, aimed at attracting lots of wildlife, resulting in the soft hum of bees and the gentle flutter of insects around the Chateau. There are climbing roses and Jasmine adorning the walls and filing the air with delicious scent. Angela has also planted lots of herbs, both for cooking, teas and making tinctures, while interesting sculptures and art works gathered by DK from his travels are scattered through the gardens. There’s an (unheated) salt water swimming pool, ideal for cooling down in the Summer, and a little more cool in the Spring and Autumn!

Shared places

Indoor spaces:
Downstairs there is a relaxing sitting room with a large woodburner, (mainly used as an open fire) where you can access the internet whenever you need to. There are accessible toilets and an elegant spacious dining room and a large kitchen. Upstairs there’s a huge comfortable lounge with lots of soft sofas and blankets to curl up in. This can be a welcome and cooling contrast to the bright sunlit areas of the garden. It is well stocked with books, music and DVDs and has a large screen TV - perfect for Movie Night!


Everyone eats together around the long dining table either inside the house, or when the weather allows (largely most of the summer) outside in the beautiful courtyard, shaded from the heat of the sun by a large sail canopy. This is a charming place for socialising late into the balmy summer nights.

At Puyssentut, food is taken very seriously. The result is wonderfully colourful and varied cuisine, and meals that have been lovingly prepared by the visiting chefs, who are dedicated to making sure that healing is experienced both inside and out.

The food is mainly vegan, with some vegetarian,and carefully planned to make the most of the local largely organic produce. The chefs gain inspiration from both macrobiotic and ayurvedic traditions, aiming to produce nourishing and environmentally sustainable meals. You won’t be bored, and you won’t have cause to miss any of your usual treats.

Breakfast might be wholegrain porridge with apricot compote or miso soup. A light lunch might be chickpea stew, globe artichokes, rice salad, and lettuce salad with selection of delicious dressings. Dinner could be Vietnamese rolls with dipping sauce, sushi and roasted tofu.

While you are encouraged to make the most of the detoxing effects of the food by not over-indulging in alcohol and caffeine, Angela and DK’s philosophy is about you being comfortable, and so are happy to provide wine, coffee, bread and cheese if you would like it. Filtered water and herbal teas are always available.

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Lieu dit Puissentut, 32120 Homps, France

Airport: Toulouse (Blagnac)

Toulouse (Matabiau)

Transfer time: 50 minutes

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