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Detox and de-stress in the English countryside




Best for:
Those who want a group setting in which to detox mind and body

Not for:
A light weekend retreat

In a nutshell:

Platinum Healing host several different retreats on rolling set dates which each pivot on a juice detox programme. They take place in a set of converted barns in the countryside near the old town of Mayfield in Sussex. A formidable team of practitioners specialise in yoga, hypnotherapy, herbalism, EFT, massage, NLP, reflexology and other healing practices to cater to every wellbeing need. Days are divided by colourful juices, and a broth in the evening, but there is plenty of time to relax, breathe, look hunger in the eye and heal. Retreats are date-specific, so check ahead.

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Overall Rating: 4
Platinum Healing detox retreat england

What’s Queenly?

It’s rare to find a retreat that pivots on a detox but also offers lots of options for different kinds of tastes and health issues. You’ll be clearing body, mind and emotions all at once.

What’s Lowly?

You will need to block out a whole week for only three actual days detox, as each retreat starts on a Monday at 4pm and finishes on a Friday 10am, though you will need this extra time anyway to nurture yourself before and after.

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Antje Derks reviews a Platinum Healing detox retreat in Sussex and picks up the juicing habit, loses seven pounds and gains two cracking friends.

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Overall Rating: 4
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Retreat Activities

All Platinum Healing retreats pivot on a juice detox programme with supplements, herbs and cleansing formulas included. You’ll also have daily yoga classes, one group meditation session, one group NLP and life coaching workshop, one silent meditation day, and daily educational talks. There are then extra therapies and sessions on offer to help you deal with any issues.

There is a morning fitness class at 7am, followed by two yoga classes, starting at 7.30am. The first is advanced and lasts an hour, followed immediately by an intermediate/beginner session that’s also an hour. Everyone is welcome to attend both, one or neither. There is also an afternoon meditation class and a 6pm yoga class OR workshop as scheduled. The classes cater for beginners and more advanced yogis and are a perfect complement to the programme. Mats are provided and props are provided.

Guided walks in the countryside, are available private and fitness sessions can be booked in advance. A rebounder and a large trampoline is available for guests to use during the detox process.

Each morning while guests enjoy their juice at the dining table you’ll have an educational talk covering topics on juicing, fasting and kitchen equipment. On most evenings you also have the option of watching an educational film about juicing or similar while you drink your electrolyte broth.

One evening towards the end of each retreat guests have an hour’s group session on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and life coaching. You set goals and fill in a wheel of life chart so you can leave the retreat with a clear focus.

Those new to detoxing can go for the dedicated Juice Detox & Yoga Retreat for a quick, effective way to detoxify the body and awaken its powerful cleansing and healing abilities, helping you to prevent illness, restore health, balance emotions and prolong life. You’ll find a cleanse gives you renewed appreciation for the little things and a curbing of desire. A smoothie of avocado, blueberries, spinach and coconut water on the last morning might taste like the elixir of life on newly honed tastebuds.

Experienced detoxers who regularly juice at home and have already adopted a healthier lifestyle can opt for the Green Juice Cleanse, which starts at home with a pre-cleanse before the retreat itself. You’ll drinking copious amounts of chlorophyll rich green juices to boost your energy levels, aid immunity and weight loss, fight the ageing process, improve alertness, and give your skin, nails and hair a healthy glow. This detox can help, amongst other things, those suffering with candida, Type 2 Diabetes, sugar addiction and hormone imbalance.

The Weight Loss & Fitness Retreat combines hypnosis and NLP, personal fitness training and a juice detox programme. Promoting healthier eating habits and positive long lasting change, it’s ideal for anyone who has tried and failed to manage their weight successfully. If you need help quitting smoking, the Stop Smoking Retreat helps you tackle your problem by recognising that the habit of smoking is emotional and psychological as well as a physical addiction.

There’s a Self-Healing detox and yoga retreat to help you make positive changes to diet and lifestyle that could dramatically improve the symptoms of illness and disease – the juice detox is mixed with yoga, mediation, NLP and life coaching.

Or try an Inner Child Retreat, on which you’ll experience various Inner Child Healing techniques, which aim to unearth and resolve childhood wounds that might show up in many negative ways such addiction, anxiety, depression or self-doubt. These combine NLP and hypnotherapy to empower you to make positive changes in all areas of your life.

The Menopause Retreat offers women a holistic way of embracing the change with nutrition sessions, hypnotherapy, energy healing and the juice detox. There’s also a Bridal Detox Retreat, to help prepare you for your big day. Lose weight, relax, detox both body and mind and indulge in a host of holistic and beauty treatments and therapies.

For men who want to be more proactive about their health, the Men’s Health Retreat provides the opportunity to take time out to focus on your own wellbeing and gain knowledge and tools to make changes and promote an all-round healthier being. You can expect a mix of nutritional therapy, yoga, meditation, NLP and coaching as well as the juice detox programme.

For individuals and couples looking for a holistic approach to fertility, there’s a Pre-Conception Optimisation Retreat with hypnosis, herbal medicine, nutrition and yoga.

For couples looking to take a healthy break together, go for the Couples Retreat, which has optional Relationship Counselling should you need it as well as yoga, life coaching, meditation and the juice detox to help you heal and grow together.

Personal spaces

Nestled in the 12 acre Sussex country estate and set within wonderful gardens accommodation includes a stunning Grade II Listed Sussex farmhouse (c1600), a range of converted Grade II Listed farm buildings and barns, eco-lodge tree houses and shepherd’s huts.

Insider Tips

Pack plenty of warm clothes that can be layered – detoxing does funny things to your body temperature. Walking boots and waterproofs and a are essential if you want to get out and about – which we’d highly recommend. Cabin fever and the detox grumps are curable with a good dose of fresh air.

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There is wifi for retreat-goers who need to keep in touch, although it’s really not encouraged and there is the option to give loved ones an emergency phone number, freeing you to turn off all phones and ipads and enjoy the calm that comes with a digital detox too.

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When to Go

Come during the Spring and Summer to enjoy the rural peace at both locations, or drop in for a Winter retreat for a boost to your immunity.

Shared places

A large yoga and fitness barn with gym equipment is available, along with a juice bar and treatment studio. There’s also a cinema barn, sauna and relaxation area for enjoying time between classes and treatments. A games room, rebounder and trampoline are also available to retreat guests.

Shared places

Other spaces:

You’ll have use of private gardens with patios, courtyards and terraces, where you can enjoy stunning views and the roaming alpacas and peacocks. There’s an outdoor fire pit, seating areas and private parking spaces too.


Each retreat pivots around a detox programme, on which you’ll be served three fresh organic, juices each day using green, root and other alkalizing fruits and vegetables with a spoonful of psyllium husk to keep your system moving. They are 80% vegetable to 20% fruit, to keep sugar to a minimum. You’ll also get a shot of milk thistle to help support the liver, a shot of wheatgrass or aloe vera, a cup of hot water and cider vinegar to help with cleansing, and as much water and herbal tea as you can drink.

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Platinum Healing detox retreat englandA raw food snack pack is available in the afternoon for those really climbing the walls and in the evening a comforting mug of vegetable broth serves as supper. The lack of fibre gives the body an opportunity to stop digesting and focus on detoxing and regenerating. On the last evening you’ll break the fast with a plate of fresh vegetables and at the end of the retreat you’ll be given probiotics to help your gut cope with the changes. There’s also a Pukka tea station where you can top up on some herbal hot stuff at anytime.

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The venue uses eco-friendly cleaning and bathroom products. Fruits and veggies come from local farms near both retreats wherever possible. We need more on this – recycling, energy, water, plastics, what you do as Platinum Healing to be sustainable both for planet, local communities and other people.


Witherenden Road, Mayfield, East Sussex, TN20 6RS

Airport: Gatwick 40 minutes and Heathrow 1 hour

Stonegate or Wadhurst

Transfer time: Transfer Time: 5 minutes from train station, 30-40 minutes from airport

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