Homefield Grange, England

Reliable health retreat in the Northamptonshire countryside

Open all year round.

Sunday Sleepover from £350, “Two Healthy” from £599, Weekend Reboot from £1049, Intensive Wellness from £1399, Body Mind Stress Buster from £1745. Get in touch with the retreat for full details.


Best for: A total detox, the time-pressured or anyone who wants to kickstart a transition to a healthier way of life.

Not for: Die-hard chocoholics, inveterate gluttons, wine enthusiasts, hen-and stag-parties or anyone who wants to forget about their health.

In a nutshell:

A converted dairy and sheep farm in the countryside near Kettering, Homefield Grange has been running as a complete residential detox and wellness retreat since 2005 and is particular good for those looking for short relaxing spa stays or an introduction to detoxing. Stays can be longer and intensified for those who want more of a purge, and guests learn a great deal about their body, diet and nutrition on every programme. For people who want a lifestyle or behavioural change, the menu of therapies include hypnotherapy, NLP, wellness & lifestyle coaching and nutritional consultations.

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What’s Queenly?

This is an ideal retreat for anyone who needs to look more majestic in a short turn-around. It will provide weight-loss, clearer skin, shinier hair and all the other benefits of cleansing. Guests learn how to treat their bodies like royalty, and feed it with the love and respect it deserves.

What’s Lowly?

The bedrooms don’t have very interesting interiors, and other than exercise, spa treatments and the facility to watch films, there’s little on offer as entertainment, including no library. Bring books to read, music to listen to, or anything else that you like to do and that helps relax and cheer you.

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Nirpal Dhaliwal reviewed this 3 day Weekend Reboot at Homefield Grange health retreat in Kettering, Northamptonshire and got the much-needed and highly effective kick up the backside he needed to face his midlife obesity head on.

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Retreat Activities

A range of residential health retreats are on offer to help you detox, lose weight, kick start a new beginning, or simply relax and recharge, from single-night and weekend getaways to more intensive week-long stays for a deep cleanse and relaxation. All include the retreat’s caffeine-free, healthy and vegan eating plan, as well as a smoking-and-alcohol-free environment and access to an excellent spa with a wide range of massage and cleansing treatments.

There’s usually an hour-long nordic walk hike a bucolic landscape, using walking-poles to exercise the arms as well as legs. Exercise Classes could involve a circuits session, an aerobics workout or a one-on-one with a coach. The gym is open all day for guests to workout on their own too. Pilates sessions and ‘cadio and core’ classes also take place in the week, as do boxercise and strength-training sessions.

Gentle hatha yoga classes suited to all levels occur near-daily, there are also ‘stretch and flexibility’ sessions to increase suppleness. While the yoga is ideal for beginners, more advanced practitioners will appreciate the classes as an excellent antidote to the stiffness that could otherwise arise from intensive walking or cardio activities. Given the low-calorie eating plan at the retreat, its gentleness will keep one supple without taxing the body more than necessary.

There is a class every day on how to eat and cook more healthily, and on how to change one’s mindset about eating. These classes, taught by the amazing chefs, Ton and Hans, and the on-site nutritionist, are in the weekly timetable and open to all guests. The topics covered include, How to sleep well, Balanced Blood Sugars, Good Gut Health, Portion Control, Slimming Secrets and Mindful Living. Also on offer are personal classes for those guests wanting to learn to make the retreats signature soups, desserts and plant-based meals.

The retreat has on on-site basement spa, designed in the style of an underground cave. It is a serene and beautiful space, with a hot tub to wind down in as well as water-filled massage beds. There is a wide range of treatments on offer from massages, to body-wraps, colonic and hydrotherapies.

This provides live blood analyisis, DNA diet and exercise testing, Dietary intolerance testing and other services to help you change your life and improve your health, including hypnotherapy, NLP, and wellness & lifestyle coaching. Nutritional consultations provide clear and simple strategies for long-term success in weight loss and better eating habits.

Personal spaces

There are 13 bedrooms, which though all comfortable, are a bit staid and characterless – rather like airport hotels. Cosy, but not ones to post on Instagram, so bring your favourite sarong or shawl and a candle to help cheer yourself and be prepared to spend your down time in the lovely lounge or outside in the garden instead. Each room has a double bed that can be converted to twins, a desk and TV. The Premiere rooms have a bath ensuite, the rest have an ensuite shower. The Small Classic rooms share a bathroom. Pevonia toiletries, an all-natural brand with organic properties, are provided, as well as Pukka Organic and Tea Pigs tea bags.

Insider Tips

Take books to read, other things you like to do, good walking shoes (something sturdier than trainers – the morning dew can leave shoes saturated). If you’re here for a detox and are new to it all, be psychologically prepared. It’s an intensive look at the state of one’s health, and that may not be a pretty picture.

When to Go

The best time to come to Homefield is when you feel ready for change - as every season will have its own charm. In winter, curl up with a book in the oak-panelled lounge by a log fire; in the summer, sit out in lavender fields and watch the sunset in 23 acres of countryside.

Shared places

The main building: With its classic cobbled English courtyard, has stood at the edge of the village for over 100 years and was originally a dairy and sheep farm. Sold in 1998 to a local entrepreneur, it was partly renovated into a private residence, before it became Homefield Grange Health Retreat & Spa in 2005. The cow-sheds now house the reception and gym areas, while the main house, with its spacious high-ceilinged and oak-panelled lounge, contains most of the bedrooms as well as the modern kitchen and intimate dining area.

Shared places

The spa: The spa is in the basement, and is a blissfully quiet and soothing space, with lots of water – be it in the water-filled massage beds or the hot-tub – and has a cave-like atmosphere. A lovely underground space to retreat into and blissfully surrender to a massage.

Shared places

The lounge: The large and spacious, oak-panelled lounge is cosy and welcoming, with a large stone fireplace and huge couches for relaxing onwhile reading and chatting. There is also screen for ‘movie-nights’ for anyone who wants to plug their phone and laptop into it and watch something with others on a bigger screen. The decor is simple and homely, with small unobtrusive objet d’art.

Shared places

Outside spaces:
The lovely flower-filled garden is a pleasant area to be alone in. We spotted lavender, hydrangea as well as roses – providing the fragrance of a classic English summer garden. The surrounding countryside is charming and well worth a wander in, with trails for both Nordic walking and strolling. Twenty-seven trees were planted recently, as well as a 50-metre hawthorn hedge to attract wildlife, especially butterflies. The neighbouring fields contain rescue horses and alpacas. Shy at first, we managed to get a couple of horses to come and say hello to us after a while.


The dining room is intimate – some might say a squeeze – with all guests eating at the same long table, which greatly facilitates sociability with fellow guests. There are large windows that open onto the patio and garden area.
Care is taken to provide a nutrient-rich menu with as much variety as possible that won’t leave you hungry. The kitchen is alcohol- and caffeine-free and produces a sugarless plant-based menu.


For those attending a cleansing retreat, a typical daily menu could be a breakfast with a choice of freshly made detox juices, or light diet option of homemade granola, berries and almond milk; a lunch of freshly made detox juices, or light diet option of wild rice with chilli broccoli, crispy shallots, served with Romesco sauce, and a dinner of roasted tomato & red pepper soup.

A typical menu for those attending the day-spa could be a main course of Thai green curry with aubergines, lime leaves and coriander, and a dessert of Rose water and pistachio meringue with vegan butter, cinnamon, coconut sugar and pumpkin spice.

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Homefield Grange sources local and seasonal produce which is organic where possible. They have their our own organic garden, growing many of their own fruit and vegetables. There is no single-use plastic at all. For any shopping, bags-for-life are used. The energy is air source heating, where nearly 100% of residual heat is reused. Cleaning products are Ecover and an environmental policy is in place for the laundry. There is no chemical use for the spa. Refuse goes to a recycling plant. Lighting is LED, and rain-water is harvested with 5000 litres buried in the ground for use in the garden. Mineral water is produced on-site and bottled in re-usable glass bottles. They only use washable hand towels and not paper napkins. They use glass green houses and collect horse manure to provide warmth and humidity for growing veggies and salad items in the garden.


Manor Rd, Rushton, Kettering NN14 1RH

Airport: Heathrow


Transfer time: Kettering Station 20 minutes, Heathrow Airport 2 hours 30 minutes

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