A Place To Heal, London

Urban retreat with handpicked, high calibre therapists in a smart Notting Hill house




Best for:
Anyone in London ready to dive deep and release old patterns.

Not for:
People who want an enclosed residential retreat or a feel-good pamper.

In a nutshell:

In this smart Notting Hill corner house, The Arrigo Programme’s London home, you’ll find a carefully curated team of mature therapists who are leaders in their fields and offer profound healing. Access your own mix of treatments ranging from pure talking with coaches and therapists, to more esoteric energy, breath and shamanic release work. The wise, grounded founder Fiona Arrigo works with you first, and recommends who you need to see next; therapists exchange information so that your treatment is coherent. Whether you are visiting London or live here, you’ll find trustworthy people with whom to undertake a deep transformation, over weeks or months.

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Overall Rating: 5

What’s Queenly?

Because the highly intuitive founder and therapist Fiona Arrigo oversees your experience at A Place To Heal, you encounter treatments that you never knew would be relevant. As a result, you attend to areas of your psyche and release levels of embodied trauma that you yourself might never have been able to define.

What’s Lowly?

You lack the continuity and holding of an enclosed residential retreat. One minute you are deep in an indescribable embodied experience. The next you walk out onto the streets of London and back into your life. That said, you can stay in a glorious nearby boutique hotel, or if you live in London, book a one to four day curated programme in your own home. To take things deeper outside the city, book onto one of Arrigo’s residential retreats.

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Rosie Walford reviewsed Fiona Arrigo’s A Place To Heal holistic clinic in Notting Hill and found the archetypal ancient spirit of sisterhood well and truly alive and well in a west London salon.

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Overall Rating: 5
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Retreat Activities

The heart of this place is one on one healing sessions, arranged to suit you, curated and coordinated to take you on a journey. Most of the therapists will explain what they are doing at a truly esoteric, energetic level that at first may be hard to digest. Once the work begins in earnest, their descriptions start to make very personal sense. There’s also a programme of inexpensive or free group events in the evenings which you can join as a taster of the excellent practitioners, or as a booster to your private sessions.

Individual coaching which points you towards proactive action to change your life is a key offer here, as well as business coaching, for which the clinic offers a range of practitioners to work with for executive coaching, goal focused coaching, career advice and entrepreneurial mentoring. All coaches are highly trained but also highly intuitive.

Psychotherapy here takes you into a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions and relationships. The therapists may be biodynamic in flavour, or more Jungian and archetypal – it is helpful to have your first session with Fiona to establish who is right for you. All practitioners are highly trained but also highly intuitive. This means that you start to explore your issues broadly, and gradually zoom into the areas which most need attention because they touch the roots of your suffering. Each therapist explains your troubles in different terms depending on their modality – but all help you see things differently and set to work on releasing old patterns, pent up energy, and confusion. You schedule several sessions and at the end emerge much clearer and more confident of your true self.

Lasare offers unusually powerful emotional freedom coaching and energy alignment sessions. These move rapidly from talking into guided visualisation and invocations for change – a combination which delivers genuinely new awareness and surprisingly lasting shifts in your thoughts and emotions in a short time. Julie works with huge compassion in Transformational Breathwork. It’s a peculiar process which carries you way beyond the rational mind to safely revisit and resolve long forgotten experiences and feelings.

In a small circle of refined armchairs, amongst the Notting Hill ladies and younger professionals at the end of a day’s work, the evening events at A Place to Heal give you a chance to experiment with subjects that might seem rather too hippy in other contexts, or too esoteric to embrace for a whole residential retreat. You might find yourself learning about moon cycles and crafting a shamanic medicine bag for a couple of hours. You could be sharing your experiences with strangers or learning, in beautifully secular terms, how to enter mindful meditation. Medicinal herbs or astrology – the schedule of events is everchanging and the quality of sessions is always high. It’s an excellent low-risk way to expand your comfort zone and try some new modalities of healing.

Personal spaces

If you do not live in London, the team work with you to find a discreet hotel near the clinic to suit your tastes. They suggest a pick of rather lovely hotels, including the boutique Portobello Hotel, which has gorgeous rooms in two converted neo-classical mansions, LaSuite West, another boutique hotel on a quiet tree lined street five minutes from Hyde Park, the larger Milestone Hotel, an elegant historic hotel opposite Kensington Palace and Gardens, and our favourite, The Laslett, a stunning contemporary place to stay set across five grade 11 listed Victorian townhouses in Notting Hill. You book and pay for your accommodation as extra.

Insider Tips

Go with an open mind and heart. Study the ‘menu’ of different therapies but also allow Fiona to see all your vulnerability and she will recommend some unexpected, but valid treatments for you. Expect to want at least two or three treatments of each kind.

When to Go

Anytime – the clinic is open all year round and the weather outside won’t make a jot of difference.

Shared places

A Place to Heal is the second floor of a graceful corner house just by Holland Park tube. All treatments take place within adjoining rooms. The main room is furnished in a tasteful, tactile contemporary classical style. Think ecru linen armchairs, velvet cushions and large table lamps, big over-mantle mirrors, indoor trees, classical modern sofas. The other room houses a massage table and a giant photograph of a peaceful forest. Calming and  fragrant, it’s more like a home than a clinic. It all smells delicious. Unless you’re doing one of the evening group sessions, you and the therapist will take up the whole space and so it feels both homely and private. The only sadness is that you need to leave the tranquil haven as soon as your session is over.


Simple nutritious snacks are on offer depending on the length of your session including water, juice, tea in a big glass pot and some nice raw nuts.


Everything here including the furniture has been sourced sustainably, except one Ikea cupboard. They use no plastics, and all the candles are organic.


118B Holland Park Avenue London W11 4UA 

Airport: Heathrow, City Airport or Gatwick

Holland Park tube

Transfer time: Heathrow 40min - 1hr; City 1hrs-1.15hrs; Gatwick 1.5hrs.

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