Retreats in Wales

Wales and its surrounding areas are brimming with country escapes. You may find an idyllic cottage engulfed in woodland as your prefered place to switch off from the World. Wake up to the sound of Welsh lamps in spring or the views of purple heather meadows in the summer months. During the winter, embrace the freedom and outdoors, with no phone signal or wifi in most retreats in Wales, you can get lost exploring the countryside with no interruption. 

You could be tucked away for a solo or family retreat in a quaint little town, that’s also only a short drive from Newport hosting all your amenities. On your doorstep our highly reviewed retreats can offer private yoga or buddhist meditation sessions; or a place to step outside of your comfort zone to try river swimming or mountain walking. Relax in a historical building that captures the essence of moment-by-moment experience, watching as the sun sets over miles of countryside. You could find the retreat for you, here in Wales.