Retreats in England

England has a wealth of wellbeing retreats on offer, from converted barns and cottages to well maintained luxury spas, there’s a sanctuary for everyone.  You can enjoy a group setting in which to embark on the ultimate juice cleanse and detox programme. Every day sees the running of a healing practices including hypnotherapy, herbalism, massages and reflexology. Spend your days in one of the two yoga studios with underfloor heating and impeccable views of the old English courtyard.

Perhaps a manor house in Bedfordshire that prides itself on its digital detox scheme is what you need from your next retreat. A welcome dose of calm awaits and with healthy meals prepared daily that are light on the stomach and free from meat, gluten and sugar; you will be feeling refreshed and upbeat in no time. Enjoy the views and English countryside walks around the grounds at any one of our hand selected retreats in England.

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