Retreats in Thailand

A yoga retreat with gracious Thai hospitality may just be the warm welcome you’ve needed. A relaxed, unpretentious detox holiday that still keeps it’s luxury will await in a small hillside on Thailand’s Koh Samui. If you are not there to follow the detox programme then you will find food is plentiful, and you have the opportunity to indulge in extensive superfood on a Thai based menu to whet all appetites at Absolute Sanctuary. 

If you need the healing power of a World renowned masseuse or wisdom of a tarot reader then Thailand is the place to be. Resorts here often have weekly famous guests with experience in these areas as well as astrology, energy work and more. A trip to a Thailand retreat could be a life changing experience for you. To be one with nature, you can opt for a room, with a bathroom open to the elements.

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