The Arrigo Programmes, Worldwide

The Arrigo Programme, worldwide 

Life changing healing retreats for body and mind

Developed by psychotherapist and mentor Fiona Arrigo, The Arrigo Programmes stem from an expansive understanding that we as humans are living in often turbulent times and need to process, evaluate and ‘take time’. They are recognised worldwide for their therapeutic and clinical treatment programmes that offer change, transformation and emotional detox and healing, and you can expert extraordinary attention to detail and spot on teams of therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. Book a bespoke, private retreat on dates to suit you in Somerset, visit the team at a clinic in London or New York, or go on one of their annual group retreats in the UK, in Spain, or in India, when you’ll have the time to come together, to share your stories, to be heard and witnessed. Best for those who want to reconnect deeply with themselves and others or profoundly change.

What our writers say

Read what Caroline Sylger Jones had to say when she experienced an Arrigo Programme retreat in Somerset, and then check out her full review here.

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