Svarga Loka Resort, Bali

Svarga Loka Resort, Ubud, Bali

Nurturing support to rebalance physically, emotionally and spiritually in the shade of tropical jungle

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Best for: Lovers of exotic plantlife who want to quietly realign their whole being, not just their body.

Not for: Sun seekers wanting a high energy and sociable group holiday.

Takes up to 45 guests



Tucked away in the Campuhan river valley a short walk and world apart from the vibing centre of Ubud, Svarga Loka Resort is secluded in a tangle of flowering trees and shrines that originally belonged to the Balinese royal family. The upscale rooms hold you high in the canopy, in intimate connection with nature. There’s serious healing capability here, from high tech diagnostics and colonics to traditional massages, with mature psychological support to make shifts at emotional levels too.

What’s Queenly?

The fusions – of cutting edge equipment for diagnosing what’s out of balance in the body, with soulful psychological support. Of high tech colonics followed by an ancient blessing ritual under a holy banyan tree. That enormous, marbled hotel rooms are reached only by boardwalks between trees.

What’s Lowly?

Svarga Loka has been built with utter respect for the steep sacred land it’s on, but immediately across the Campuhan river on the opposite bank a large hotel is being developed by another company, and you may incur some building work until 2019.  Because of this, Svarga Loka are offering a 20% discount off our published rates up until 20 December 2018 to compensate for the construction.


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Rosie Walford reviews this healing retreat near Ubud and finds transformative coaching, marvellous massages, fragrant juices and a genuine, spiritual intent

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Retreat Activities

Come just to relax, take a pre-packaged retreat bundle for detox, couples connection or weight management, or time your retreat to catch one of the monthly specialists-in-residence for a themed retreat focused on a health issue.  There’s also a self contained house in case you want to address self harm or addiction in solitude.

Svarga Loka is equipped with a modern functional clinic for wellness, colonics and naturopathy. Everyone who comes for a retreat package starts with an assessment at the clinic. It includes medical and lifestyle history and Whole-Body Thermometry measuring nervous, cellular and metabolic function  – revealing root causes for imbalances that may be contributing to your current or future conditions. The clinic director listens closely to your framing of issues and is likely to pinpoint the emotional baggage that’s contributing too.  Your treatments might include a series of colonics, special diet or juice fasting, local organic herbs and massage.

There’s a personalised detox-focused programme from 3 to 10 nights, when a personal advisor guides you in discovering the ideal diet or  subtle changes to achieve your goals. The programme balances macro and micro nutrients with herbal and nutritional supplements, and colonics with massage therapy and infra red saunas, aiming to bring the digestive and metabolic systems back to their optimal function for maximal health.

More a couples holiday than a retreat, this is concieved as a precious, embodied time in beautiful surroundings. The packages features many massages including guided partner massage and reflexology, a purification ritual with a priest, a guided walk, a healthy cooking class, private yoga and an excursion.

If weight loss is your goal, you can have a personal guide who works on a one-on-one basis with you to help balance your emotional needs and physical activity and organise supportive nutritional foods. The package includes private yoga, healthy cooking class, massages, wraps and lymphatic drainage, colonics, meditation and consultations.

Every month, the resort hosts a specialist-in-residence who offers retreats with focus on their particular subject – for example on abundance, fertility, smoking, eating disorders, midlife, migraine – which you can join for 5 to 7 days.

Yoga is available daily – a rudimentary hatha class for beginners in the morning, and a more spiritual Kundalini class in the evening. As you might expect in Bali, the range of massage is broad and beautiful and the resort has an impressive team of traditional Balinese massage therapists. For neural and muscular tension the body is released first by massage, then by sweeps of a steaming hot compress of herbs up the energy lines. For detox, ginger, cloves, tumeric, galangal and rice grain are ground before your eyes into a zinging, active skin wrap.

The team don’t just study your physical health – they do a ‘soul review’ which asks fascinating questions of purpose, relationships, how you face challenge and emotional patterns. This opens the way to a rounded suite of individual coaching, whole-person energy treatments, yoga and traditional Balinese spiritual cleansing offered by experienced,  trustworthy practitioners. The combination can be powerful for everyday challenges, as well as eating disorders, weight management, addictions and so on.

There’s a self contained house in case you want to address self harm or addiction in solitude. Wherever you sleep, the package will be tailored to your situation.  It generally includes bodily and psychological support – colonics, liver and gallbladder cleanses, juice and vegan diet, mineral infusions, infrared saunas, plus the support of qualified coaches and therapists offering psychoenergetics and somatic psychotherapy.

Svarga Loka will guide you on a morning walk through paddy fields and the Campuhan ridge,  or arrange visits to Balinese healers.  Bustling Ubud is just 12 minutes’ walk away, so you can easily visit the astounding temples and museum, interesting shops, the many drop-in yoga centres, raw cafes and hip juice bars. There’s no real way to escape the hordes of scooters and other tourists.

Insider Tips

Consider renting a scooter via reception to whizz around Ubud and surrounding temples with autonomy. You might like to check out some of the drop-in yoga studios (Radiantly Alive, Intuitive Flow and The Yoga Barn to name a few), yoga-lounge fashion shops (such as for fabulous eco-luxe yoga lounge wear) and hip and healthy eateries (such as Moshka in the rice paddies). Be warned though – it might be a shock to be in the busy town after the tranquility of the retreat.

When to Go

November to February is Bali’s humid rainy season, and June to August the best and busiest months to be there.


You eat your meals in the open sided café, which sits in the arms and aerial roots of a revered banyan tree, giving the whole place a magical feel. You may be on a restricted diet mandated by the functional wellness crew, in which case you will have specially tailored, pretty simple meals.

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Otherwise you choose from a hotel-style menu of Asian, Western and Indonesian meals, and vegan and broth-type dishes are available. Food is simple rather than extravagant.

The kitchen sources local and organic ingredients, and there’s heaps of exotic tropical fruit on offer, while the juices for those fasting are made with generous amounts of active ingredients like tumeric and ginger. Fresh herb teas come from the gardens; you can order real coffee.

Alternatively, a short walk outside the property there’s a brilliant choice of cool restaurants, many abuzz with the Bali trends of organic and raw deliciousness.

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The buildings themselves tread lightly on the land, treating their own water, with some natural lighting and ventilation.  The kitchen takes care to use local and organic ingredients where possible, including some from its own organic gardens. The elaborate, water intensive bathrooms are luxurious more than sustainable features, no doubt. Many locals are employed.


Jl. Penestanan Kelod Ubud 80571 Gianyar – Bali

Transfer Time: from airport 1 hour, 40 mins

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