Restore and Reform, Worldwide

Restore and Reform, Worldwide



Reinventing healing rehab at luxury spa hotels in Portugal, France and England

This clever company was founded by talented London-based physiotherapist Michelle Lewis and her patient Lucy Nifontova. It offers relaxing and effective programmes on set dates at hotels around the world to help anyone recover after surgery, after giving birth, after an illness including cancer, or from general life aches and pains such as an injury, back pain and computer-tightness. Mixing Pilates-based matwork, Reformer Pilates sessions, soft tissue therapy and physiotherapy with plenty of down time, the programmes are relaxing and effective all at once.

What our reviewers say

See our writers’ full reports on Restore and Reform Portugal and Restore and Reform France. You can also read Carla McKay’s personal journey of a post-surgery retreat with Restore and Reform in Portugal, where she found an exceptional team who gave her the strength and hope that she would walk properly again – so much so that she then went on to experience rehabilitation holidays with Restore and Reform in Sussex and France. You can also read Caroline Sylger Jones’ personal journey of her Back To Health programme in Portugal.