Malabar Retreats, Worldwide

Malabar Retreats, Worldwide

Lu Jong yoga retreats in simply stunning locations.

Run by inspirational Lu Jong teacher Dominique Caubel and owner Bibi Schofield, Malabar Retreats offers six retreats per year that specialise in an ancient Tibetan practice of healing yoga newly emerging in the West called Lu Jong, the oldest form of yoga dating back over 8000 years. Based on Tibetan shamanic practices (Bon) and Tantrayana, Lu Jong delivers yoga and meditation in tandem, using movement to profoundly transform the mind by removing blockages in the subtle energy system to allow “qi” to flow freely. At their lavish flagship private estate called Malabar Hall in Harare, and their river house on the Zambezi, you can do twice yearly week-long fully immersive retreats or book a bespoke retreat for a private group of up to eight people. There are also retreats on a pristine beach in Mozambique, and in Europe, within a beautiful hacienda in Seville and a charming coastal village near Faro. Experience a unique immersion into daily healing through Lu Jong yoga, meditation, transformational massage and periods of silence.


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