Jiva Healing, Worldwide

Jiva Healing, Worldwide



  • England
  • Goa
  • Southern Turkey

Reliably relaxing healthy eating, detoxing and yoga retreats

Jiva Healing is an experienced retreat company offering potentially life changing healthy holidays on set dates throughout the year that pivot on healthy food, detoxing and yoga, from vegetarian cooking holidays to juice fasting detox retreats. Established in 2003 by nutritionist Rebecca Andrist and entrepreneur Melissa Kendall, the company never takes more than 12-14 guests on each retreat so there’s lots of time for questions, help and connection. Locations are chosen for their natural settings, and many of their holidays are held in seaside locations such as Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Kent in England and Turkey and India. Top notch yoga is geared towards beginners and intermediate practitioners. All retreats are alcohol free, and usually vegan.

What our writers say

Read what our writers had to say when they experienced a Jiva Healing juice fasting and yoga retreat in Southern Turkey (read Connie Allfrey’s full report or her personal journey), a cooking and yoga retreat at Littleton Mill in Wiltshire, England, (read Ruth Rosselson’s full report or her personal journey) and a juice fasting retreat in France (read Caroline Sylger Jones’ personal journey). You can also read our full report on a Jiva Healing retreat in Goa here. 

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