Arvon Creative Writing Retreats, England

Arvon Creative Writing Retreats, England



  • Devon, England
  • Shropshire, England
  • Yorkshire, England

Rural havens to get your creative juices flowing

Arvon boasts three historic writing houses in England: The Hurst in Shropshire, Totleigh Barton in Devon, and Lumb Bank in Yorkshire. Each house offers a diverse range of residential writing courses throughout the year, covering various genres in Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction, Children & YA, Screenwriting, and Playwriting. They also occasionally do courses with ‘coaching’ (hypnotherapy), Walking, Yoga or Pilates. From beginners to experienced writers, all abilities are catered for, courses are tutored by two acclaimed writers, and most 5-day courses have a guest reader mid-week.

What our writers say

Find out what our reviewer Annabel Herrick had to say when she reviewed a an Arvon writing retreat at The Hurst in Shropshire, England. Read her personal review in our Journal or her full retreat report.

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