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Transformational healing retreats in stunning, wild and ancient landscapes

Created and led by healer, yoga teacher and facilitator Daniela Lanaia, who has been involved in running healing retreats since 2005, Aluna Healing retreats are spaces to help you cleanse and renew yourself immersed in nature and the living earth. You’ll delve into a gentle yet profound healing journey to cleanse toxicity and reconnect with your sacred essence. Ideal for those who want a spiritual retreat to cleanse, renew and immerse themselves in nature. Retreats at Torridon in the Highlands of Scotland are held throughout the year and offer a gentle detox with organic, plant based meals, while juice fast retreats are held on set dates in Dartmoor, Devon.

What our writers say

Read what our writer Frances Trussell had to say about her retreat at Torridon in the Highlands of Scotland. Read her personal journey and her full report.

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