Travelwrap review

Travelwrap review

If you’re looking for a wrap that’s large enough to cover you while you sit in meditation – or lie in savasana – or sleep on a train or plane – look no further. I’ve been using my Travelwraps for years now and one of them comes everywhere with me, whether I’m heading up to London by train to meet an editor, to a humble meditation retreat or a luxury wellbeing retreat.

Travelwraps are crafted on the Scottish Borders in an 18th century mill – apparently the only mill left in the UK still able to work with cashmere from raw fibre to a finished garment. The independent, family-run firm uses sustainably sourced fibres and employs local craftspeople. The cashmere itself comes from Inner Mongolia, and has been supplied by the same farms for years. Winters are harsh in this part of the world, but the cold weather stimulates the growth of the goats’ coats from which cashmere is harvested – so the colder the winter, the longer the goats’ hair grows and the better the harvest! Clever nature.

The cashmere used to make Travelwraps goes through at least 25 processes before it is given its final rinse, in Highland water. They then use a combination of up to six colours to give the finished item depth and intensity of colour. There are a myriad different colours available and they do seasonal designs too, so you can go for something classic or a little funkier, according to taste and need. I have three cashmere shawls – one a limited edition beige with poppy red stripes, the other a gorgeous pale grey, which goes with everything, the other a vibrant red for special occasions. They do little travel wraps for children too and even offer a monogramming service.

  • What’s queenly: Unlike many others, Travelwrap cashmere shawls are large enough to cover you up no matter what you might be doing.
  • What’s lowly: They’re so delectable that you’ll want to buy many more than one, which might take its toll on your bank account.
  • Retail Therapy: From £169 for a My Little Travel Wrap and £249 for a Classic Wrap from

Reviewed by Caroline Sylger Jones

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