Healing Intentions Aquamarine Throat Chakra Bracelet review

Healing Intentions Aquamarine Throat Chakra Bracelet review

As a writer and poet, communication is my everything – the reason I get up in the morning and the process by which I earn my bread. It means I delight in connecting, but it also means I can get worn down by too much of it, unsure of how to proceed, throat sore and lusting for solitude, for a bang of a drum, for the wind in my hair, for anything that’s not connected to the written or spoken word.

This is why I always like to have little retreat tools beside me as I write or prepare to speak to someone – they help me set the right intention for my writing and my work, and I love how they make me feel too. Right now on my desk these include a pebble from a beach that reads ‘Softening’, a heart shaped rose quartz, a vial of salt infused with basil for focusing my mind, and latterly, this little circle of delight, a mala bracelet that’s been made to order to fit my rather small wrist exactly, crafted from the gemstone aquamarine and with a little silver leaf charm dangling from it.

The bracelet is designed to support the throat chakra, the fifth chakra and the first of the higher or spiritual chakras. Located in the region of neck and shoulders, the throat chakra’s colour is blue and it’s connected to accepting your originality, expressing your authentic voice, and speaking your truth.

Blue Aquamarine is traditionally believed to help you open up the conversation by promoting listening and honest self-expression. I have the bracelet on my desk to slip on my wrist when I’m about to make a call or am feeling in need of inspiration during a piece or a poem. But it would also make a lovely tool whilst on retreat, most especially if your intention is to find your authentic voice and speak your truth.

  • What’s queenly: Unlike some bulky mala bracelets, this is slimline and comfortable to wear. You can choose to have the linking chain and leaf in rose gold, gold or silver, it’s made ethically by yogis, and it comes in a Made By Yogis gift box too. Even if your throat chakra is supremely in balance, this is a mighty pretty bracelet you can enjoy wearing any time.
  • What’s lowly: Wearing this bracelet isn’t going to sort out any serious communication errors in your life – I’m afraid that’s down to you.
  • Retail Therapy:  £45 from www.yogaclicks.com

Reviewed by Caroline Sylger Jones.

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