The Slip silk pillowcase review

The Slip silk pillowcase review

The Slip silk pillowcase is a beauty secret loved by American celebs such as Reese Witherspoon but which also comes highly recommended by dermatologists, beauty therapists and hairdressers. It’s rather a marvellous prescription for beauty sleep, as it’s anti ageing, anti sleep-crease and anti bed-head.
Even better than a 200 plus thread count Egyptian cotton pillowcase then? Well, yes. Cotton scratches can tug delicate facial skin which leads to premature ageing and sleep-crease face. Super absorbent, cotton also sucks moisture (and expensive moisturiser) from your skin. The dastardly devil can even damage hair by grabbing it and twisting it at the root.

Step in the Slip silk pillow case, made from 22 momme mulberry silk – that’s the best in the world I am told! Think spoilt silkworms munching away on mulberry leaves, so spinning rich raw silk fibre cocoons. The 22 bit refers to how heavy and soft the silk is; 22 momme is the 22-carat gold of the silk world.

Slip silk allows your skin to glide along the pillow so your face gently rests and slides rather than suffering crease-inducing drags which can lead to wrinkles when you lie on them. It metaphorically stokes your hair, saving you tugging to detangle, and by looking after delicate locks, there’s less loss. Slip silk is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant too, using non-toxic dyes to make it available in seven colours, including gold and black.

It is diva-makingly addictive and as it’s just a slip of a thing, it’s easy to slip (sorry) into your luggage while retreating.

  • What’s queenly: The guarantee that your face and hair will wake-up in luxury every morning and reflect this by behaving and looking beautiful. The silk will also help keep you deliciously cool on the hottest of healthy holidays.
  • What’s lowly: The slip has to be treated like a princess – so to remain regal must be washed below 30 degrees C with a ph neutral detergent. Hand washing is probably the safest bet.
  • Retail Therapy: From £85 from

Reviewed by Sarah Smith

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