Tazeka aromatherapy blends review

Tazeka aromatherapy blends review

I’ve fallen nose over heels in love with Tazeka’s gorgeous and effective oil blends. It was the shiny bottles that first caught my eye. There are plenty of roll-on oil blends around but none that come in sleek shiny metallic phials. Tazeka’s are so pretty, I spent at least half an hour trying to decide which colour I liked best and resisting the urge to hiss, ‘My preciousssss’. But they don’t just look good, they smell heavenly and, most important of all, they pack a serious wellbeing punch.

Tazeka is the brain-child (should that be nose-child?) of Zena Hallam, a clinical aromatherapist and self-declared modern-day alchemist. She grew up in Guyana, watching her mother heal people using herbal medicine, before falling in love with aromatherapy and becoming a herbal healer herself. She blends her oils holistically, taking into account not just the oils’ individual physiological and psychological effects, but also their synergistic effect on your body, heart, mind and spirit.

All her oils are 100% organic, ethically farmed, unsprayed or wild-crafted. They are free from synthetics, paragons and chemical preservatives but do contain vitamin E, a natural preservative and they use no animal testing. There are 17 blends in all. Some target moods and states of mind (Non-Stop Thoughts, Confidence, Optimism, Motivation). Others focus on health and wellbeing issues (Slim Solution, PMS Rescue, Headache Helper, Tension Tonic, Peaceful Slumber, Breathe Easy). There are even his and her smoochy mojo blends (Aphrodite and Aries, in slinky black bottles).

Choosing favourites is a tough call. Non-Stop Thoughts (‘calms and tones your mental muscles’) is brilliant – a comfort blanket in a bottle – it works a treat when your mind just won’t switch off. I trialled it on a few evenings when I had to work late and would normally find myself tossing and turning, thoughts churning – I slept like a kitten. Curiously it worked far better for me than the more obvious sleep-soother, Peaceful Slumber. But my all-out favourite (to date) is Concentrate (‘Focus and achieve’), tested when I needed to power through a hideous bunch of deadlines and, truly, honestly, I achieved more in a day than I had in the past fortnight.

Many of the blends are tailor-made for retreating – whether at home or away. When I head off on retreat next I’m going to pack Travel Companion (boosts immune system and soothes motion sickness) while Meditation Guru (a supportive blend that “helps integrate your spirit with your senses”) is now part of my daily meditation ritual.

  • What’s queenly: The bottles look like magical jewels – perfect for queenly handbags, sports totes and carry-on luggage. Plus they work.
  • What’s lowly: They’re only available to buy on-line (but Tazeka will ship around the world).
  • Retail Therapy: From $39.50 (£26) for a roll-on from www.tazekaaromatherapy.com

Reviewed by Jane Alexander

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