Soul Medicine Music review

Soul Medicine Music review

Looking for music to travel with that will help you feel better enroute? Soul Medicine is a deeply soothing collection of heartfelt tracks based on 432 Hz, the sound resonance offers a more harmonic and pleasant sound than our standard 440 Hz pitch, that’s mathematically consistent with the universe, and that’s been clinically proven to decrease the listener’s stress levels, boost their resilience and restore biological, physical and mental vitality. Not bad eh?

Created by singer, therapist and founder of ila Denise Leicester in collaboration with composer Tom Simenauer, Soul Medicine music is deeply satisfying to listen to. I’ve been soothed by it on a very long train journey, used it to block out chatting at the lovely local restaurant where I often work, and have never felt so productive at my desk, but don’t just take my word for it – each track has been analysed and approved for its various health benefits by research doctors Cori Carter and Lesley Parkinson, who evaluated the effects of the music on the brain, blood and nervous system.

  • What’s queenly: Each downloadable Soul Medicine track has different benefits, so whether you want to be ‘held’, ‘loved’, ‘present’ or ‘lifted’, you can choose the track with the appropriate vibrational remedy to suit your needs and combine it with a guided chakra healing meditation.
  • What’s lowly: There are only 4 tracks available. But hey, there is tons of other music out there that’s based on 432 Hz – including the likes of Bob Marley’s ditties, and some of history’s greatest musicians, such as Mozart and Verdi, who based their music on the natural vibration of A 432.
  • Retail Therapy:  Soul Medicine tracks cost £6 each or £20 for all 4. Get the science and find out more at

Reviewed by Caroline Sylger Jones.

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