Sodashi Jet Lag Recovery Kit review

Sodashi Jet Lag Recovery Kit Review

The Sodashi Jet Lag Recovery Kit is an uplifting little duo – a travel size gel and mist designed to keep you calm and fresh while travelling and to help you arrive feeling and looking your very best. Hardly surprising really that it comes from delicious Australian skincare brand Sodashi, who make luxurious chemical-free products using powerful therapeutic-grade, ethically-sourced essential oils and active plant ingredients.

I tested the kit out returning from the UK to South America, a mammoth trip that began with a train journey from Wolverhampton to Gatwick (with three changes and some heavy luggage on the way), a delayed flight to Madrid (spent in an overcrowded airport) and all of this before a very uncomfortable 12 hour 40 minute flight to Montevideo with an airline I don’t care to mention.

I should have had my Jet Lag Recovery kit within easy reach from the very start of my journey, but I only managed to dig out my little travel companions snuggled up in their soft silky pouch when boarding my long haul flight. I started by dabbing the gel on the nape of my neck (a task you can repeat every three hours if you’re awake and feel the need for calm midst the turbulence of flying). The combination of grapefruit, peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass and ginger essences instantly transported me to a sumptuous spa, even though I was squeezed into the middle back row of an overcrowded plane.

Then I sprayed the mist, inhaled deeply and let out a long drawn out breath, releasing all the tension that had accumulated since boarding that train from Wolverhampton all those hours ago. Those sitting next to me smiled with me as they leaned closer to sniff the calming aromas. I was calm, so happy to share. Later, when I needed to revive once again to concentrate on the movie or gather the impetus to move and stretch my legs, I literally misted myself back to life. I arrived feeling all the better for my Sodashi ritual and smelling marvellously fragrant to boot.

  • What’s queenly: Using both the gel and the mist is a lovely, private ritual that helps you to recentre on a long journey.
  • What’s lowly: The name could be a little broader, as this little kit is actually a mood lifter post workout, after a swim or any time on retreat when you’re in need of a refreshing boost.
  • Retail Therapy: From $69 Australian dollars with $20 Australian dollars shipping to the UK from

Reviewed by Caroline Sylger Jones

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