Natural Wisdom Skincare review

Natural Wisdom Skincare review

Natural Wisdom is an ethical artisan skincare company based in the UK which offers a range of rather wonderful balms and oils for the face and body as well as solid Perfumes and Hair Care Bars. It’s the brainchild of homeopath Maeve Smith, whose skin care ethos is very much ‘less is more’.

I first discovered Natural Wisdom at The Scarlet eco spa hotel in Cornwall. It was the product they were using in one of their signature treatments called Honest (love that name!), a massage and facial that uses Natural Wisdom’s raw, organic hand-blended antioxidant products (amongst others) to nourish and uplift the face. I’d had an unexpected bit of bother with my skin over the preceding month, with a little redness and weird raised bumps under the skin. The treatment was excellent, and the oils smelt delicious, but what impressed me most was what my Scarlet therapist told me after that Maeve would do in my situation. ‘If your skin is troubled, you leave it totally alone for a full five days so it can recreate and renew its own protective acid mantel’.

What’s an acid mantel, I hear you cry? And what do you mean – leave it totally alone for five days? I went into a mild panic, and asked Maeve herself by email after my visit to The Scarlet. ‘Our acid mantel is a fine layer, acidic in nature, that coats the skin and protects it from invading organisms – a kind of protective immune system for our skin’, she explained. ‘The skin on the face is very delicate, and prefers an acidic pH of between 4.5 and 5.5. If it is damaged or eroded – usually from the over-use of facial scrubs or leave-on products with a pH that is either too low or too high – it can leave the skin open to inflammation, rashes and dry areas, and is best left alone so it can regenerate itself.’

I took her advice, and did absolutely nothing to my face apart from wash it in warm water morning and night for five days – no cleanser, no toner, no moisturiser and certainly no masks. My skin felt tight after washing each morning for an hour or so, and I panicked I’d break out in all manner of things, but actually over the five days my skin coped, and so did I – in fact, I found it refreshing not to bother doing anything with it, and what’s more, my skin definitely, remarkably improved – the rash diminished, and the bumps went down.

Impressed, I ordered the Natural Wisdom products Maeve recommended for my sensitive and dehydrated skin – Vitamin C Antioxidant Treatment Gel to give it back nutrients, Antioxidant Treatment Oil to feed and nourish, and the liquid exfoliator to use once a week – unusually, rather than being a scrub, this is a light potion that you leave on your skin that works by having a low pH to encourage new skin cell renewal.

After two months of just cleansing once a day – at night – with the Vitamin C Cream Cleanser – and not using any toner or masks at all, my skin was completely clear and didn’t feel tight like it used to. Genius.

  • What’s queenly: I love her ‘less is more’ approach – and her organic products are a more affordable alternative to the likes of ila and Sodashi, as delicious as those are.
  • What’s lowly: What’s lowly: As with any online product ordering, it might not always be obvious which products to get for your skin – feel free to drop them a line before you buy to check you’re ordering the products that are totally suited to your complexion.
  • Retail Therapy: From just £15 for a toner from

Reviewed by Caroline Sylger Jones

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