Made By Yogis Eye Pillow review

Made By Yogis Eye Pillow review

We all know that resting is good for frazzled nerves, that’s why you go on retreat or take a holiday in the first place. But sometimes when we leave our home comforts behind, we need a little help to let go. That’s where this beautiful linen eye pillow comes in handy. I took mine on retreat in the Summer and it was a great pick-me-up after an arduous journey. During a much-needed nap, the gentle pressure soothed my eyes and relaxed my face. Even though it was mid-afternoon, this powerful little pillow blocked out the light in the sunny room, leaving me looking and feeling less tense and wrinkly in under 15 minutes. What’s more, the embroidered affirmation is a lovely touch and helps focus your mind on positive thoughts as you drift into relaxation. And it’s packed with just the right amount of lavender, so the weight isn’t going to stress out your baggage allowance.

  • What’s queenly: The colour palette is reminiscent of a country estate – a choice of muted nature-inspired hues from Norfolk, worthy of Farrow and Ball.
  • What’s lowly: Although the lavender aroma is opulent right now, it will fade with age… and then you’ll have to buy another one!
  • Retail Therapy:  £24.94 from

Reviewed by Anna Chapman.

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