What’s a retreat?

So what’s a retreat anyway?
Caroline Sylger Jones sums up the idea of retreating, but not only to a fancy spa

A retreat is a place or space where you can rest and replenish away from the world – whatever that means to you at a particular time. It could be your brain in a busy room; a city park, massage bed or yoga class during a challenging working week; your precious home when you can’t or don’t feel like getting away. Sometimes it will be a traditional, monastic-style space such as an ashram, Buddhist retreat, meditation weekend or yoga break, at others it might be an all-consuming detox, fitness break or healthy holiday.

A retreat can also be a boutique hotel or destination spa where you can relax and indulge, of course, or something more low-key such as a B&B or self-catering cottage that has access to local therapists. Whoever you are and whatever you do, use Queen of Retreats at different stages of your year (and life) to find where to stay and what to do to reconsider and renew. Every retreat you find on this site has been reviewed in person – and you can contact with those you are interested in directly from their page.

Happy Retreating.

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