On Harnessing the Energy of Summer

On Harnessing the Energy of Summer
Denise Leicester, Founder of Organic Skincare Brand ila, shares her knowledge


  • Take advantage of longer hours 

Incorporate more exercise into your routine, at the start and end of the day. Move your body outside in the fresh air by integrating an after-dinner walk, which stimulates digestion and promotes sleep better. If you need a little energy boost before you start, rub your pulse points with the ila Vital Energy Aroma Roller (£29, 10ml).

  • Adapt your diet to the summer months

Welcome fresh, light salads with lots of colors and texture, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to eat seasonally and locally. If you need inspiration, I would recommend Diana Henry’s A Change of Appetite, Where Delicious Meets Healthy. This book is not based on fads or trends. It is full of useful and inspiring recipes, from dahl to spiced stone fruits, and is organised according to the seasons.

ila wellness workshops, Oxfordshire, England


  • Exercise the body and the mind

Ila are huge advocates of yoga to de-stress and stimulate inner calm. As a qualified yoga teacher, I incorporate the yogic approach into all ila treatments. ila’s first Day Spa, ila spa Cotswolds, situated at the beautiful headquarters in the heart of the Cotswolds, blends all treatments with a complimentary sound healing session. Sound healing is a powerful technique used to bring harmony and balance to the body and mind. The spa opened in Spring 2018 and treatments start from £35.

  • Live from the heart and with passion

The more we stay connected to our hearts, the more centered we are and the easier it is to find our true purpose, ila’s natural and organic Rose Oil products will provide a boost. Rose is the most heart-opening ingredient and has one of the highest spiritual frequencies of all essential oils, helping to open the heart chakra, allowing us to feel unconditional love. All products in the ila Glowing Radiance Range, including the Face Mask (£35, 50g), Night Cream (£75, 30ml) and Bath Oil (£51, 200ml), contain a powerful amount of this oil, often considered the mother of them all. Enjoy its exquisite floral fragrance, which calms and elevates the mind, creating a sense of well-being and awakening for self-love, self-compassion and self-nurturing.

  • Drink plenty of mineral water

Juicing is wonderful at this time of year and vegetable juices, in particular, are highly alkalizing. Try to incorporate carrots, beetroot and celery. Ginger and lemon will add zing and flavor. All products are available to purchase online at www.ila-spa.com.

Family Time with ila Wellness Workshops

Denise Leicester has created a series of bespoke wellness workshops for children, families and women at Ila’s gorgeous barns in the Cotswolds in the UK. For Summer, why not get a group of children or your family together and book an ila workshop for a party or just for fun? It’s a great way to introduce everyone to yoga and wellness and learn how to relax all together. The workshops for children are a day-long and need 10 kids to go ahead, whilst the afternoon workshops for families and adults run 1:30-4:30 pm Mon-Sun and need 5 adults to go ahead. From £95 pp. Explore/book.

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