On Fear

On Fear

Quantum Energy Coaching practitioner Claudia Roth tells us how to face our fears in life and on retreat. 

Fear stops people from living their lives or living their lives fully. So how can we find creative solutions to it? Going on a retreat can help, for it gives us the time and energy to understand what is really going on, deep within us, to truly listen and to try to detect what is stirring, something which we can’t always do when we are in our busy, day-by-day lives.

When we do, here are a few things to ponder which can help us face our fears and move beyond them.

  • The Fear Bubble
    Most of us have fears. Most of us inhabit the same collective (and mostly unconscious) political, social and environmental fear bubble, and no wonder with the global state of affairs. Masses are unconscious of its functioning – fear feeds fear, and fear controls us.Our fears may lead us to work for corporations that have no goal other than profit-making. Even if it goes against our gut, we stick around as it makes us safe. We may fear getting sick and want to save up to manage just in case, and in the process risk making ourselves sick due to fearful thoughts and emotions.We may stay for too long in a city, a job, a relationship, or whatever it is we are starting to suspect no longer serves us, because we are more fearful of the alternative – perhaps to be lost, poor, or alone. The fear of moving on is even stronger and as we don’t know what decision to make, we feel stuck.
  • Fear vibrations
    In any moment, we are something like a radio tower emitting a signal. This signal represents how we project ourselves into the world. A similar energy is attracted in return, influencing the situations and encounters that we experience in life. When denied or avoided, the fear vibrations that we live and emit attract more of the same type of low vibrations. Staying in fear mode for long, we risk spiraling deeper and deeper down a black tunnel. It may feel like we are drilling down into the centre of the earth, but we are really getting nearer to the centre of our self, which, in fear, will seem like a dark place.
  • Quick fixes
    One way to avoid dealing with our emotional pain is to seek quick fixes. Incessantly watching online news or checking out social media posts can offer instant relief, but in the long run we remain imprisoned. Socialising only with people who reaffirm our beliefs, we continue to fuel the unconscious collective fear bubble that we all inhabit. Like this, nothing changes – our situation may even worsen.
  • Common Personal Fears
    In addition to the fear that the current state of global affairs induces, there are many different types of fears, including very personal ones. There is the fear of not being good enough or worthy enough, and there is the fear of falling ill or the fear of death. Many fears show us that there is a conflict between different aspects of ourselves. At times it’s as if we are made up of multiple selves wanting different things, and rather than making a wrong decision, we remain indecisive and in fear. It is especially tough when many fears show up at the same time, in a kind of “fear bundle”. Often deeply rooted in our sub-conscious, fears may stem from childhood experiences.
  • Overcoming our fears
    Sitting rooted in different cells in our body, these fears can be accessed through various healing modalities. One such modality is Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC), which I practice. But there are alternatives options. Remember, fears are projections of our minds. Fears can feel so real, overwhelming and depleting, that we believe them to be real, but they are not “things”. The moment we take a deliberate decision to look our fears in the eyes, we start to dismantle their powers and in the process heal ourselves.
  • Immediate Strategies for coping with fear
    – When an emotion overcomes you, bring your awareness to your heart and breathe slowly five times, into your heart and out to the count of 5. Then do it again, counting until five for every in and out breath.
    – Tap the side of your palm and say “I release all fear now” and continue doing this for as long as needed. This technique is adapted from Emotional Freedom Technique or short EFT (it is also referred to tapping).
  • Long Term Strategies for coping with fear
    To prevent or help cope with fear, take up yoga, or free dance or contact dance, or go float in warm pools regularly. Indulge in workshops that interest you, reconnect with old friends and welcome everything that crosses your path in a new (or old) and very refreshing, joyful way. And last but not least: Retreat.As Writing Room Retreat Leader Kate Emmerson has pointed out on Queen of Retreats (https://queenofretreats.com/queenly-retreating/on-how-to-let-go-on-retreat/), one of the most common fears arises when we realize that we are about to let go of what is no longer serving us. Because there is often a lot of attachment, we “refuse” to let go in lieu of the unknown. We’re already invested 99% in what we have, and so we avoid risking it all in search for that one little missing percent. Instead of following our heart, we listen to the nagging inner voice that is asking, “Is it worth it?” But as Susan Jeffers says – we must “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

More about Claudia Roth

Claudia Roth bridges the worlds of business and spirituality. Following a high profile corporate career in luxury hospitality satisfying her ego and need for recognition, she now practices Quantum Energy Coaching. Her mission is to help people to change outdated beliefs rooted in their subconscious. She is a speaker and soon to publish “Your 28 Days Journey to Self Love”. Find out more at www.soul-luxury.com.

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