6 ways to maximise your time on retreat

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6 ways to maximise your time on retreat
Follow these Queenly tips by our writer Elizabeth Bennett to ensure you reap the myriad wellbeing benefits of a retreat both while you’re away and when you’re back home. 

  • Listen to your gut

Before booking your retreat think about what your mind and body really needs. A sociable itinerary with lots of intense action isn’t any good if you are supremely exhausted and just need deep rest, whilst an active holiday might be just the ticket to energise yourself if you’ve been desk-ridden for far too long.

  • Set boundaries with work

Switch your emails and mindset to out of office and tell people you won’t be contactable unless absolutely necessary for the duration of your trip.

  • Try to digital detox

When possible, leave your phone at home or switch it to airplane mode for the duration of your retreat. If not, delete apps that you find distracting (e.g. news, social media or games), and use your phone in strict daily windows just for keeping in contact with family or friends. 

  • Prioritise reflection

On retreat, take time each day to note down how you are feeling. Try a daily journaling exercise like Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages (three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing each day). This will help clear the mind of clutter, tap into your current mindset and help with making plans moving forward.

  • Conquer jet lag

If you’re travelling long-haul change your watch to the time zone you are flying to and sleep in accordance with this new pattern where possible. Keep hydrated, eat healthy and refreshing foods, and consider taking melatonin supplements to help regulate sleep.

  • Plan a day at home to recoup

Organise your trip so you have at least a day (ideally a weekend) at home before you go back to work. This will allow you time to reflect on your experience, regain contact with reality, and adjust to your normal routine.

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For more tips on how to retreat, read the Queenly Retreating section of our Journal. Elizabeth Bennett is a Queen of Retreats reviewer, journalist, copywriter and consultant who covers wellness, travel and beauty. See her work here and follow her on Instagram here.

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