Meditate during a crisis

Why Meditate during a crisis?

Lama Brian Hilliard, meditation teacher and the co-founder of Mindfulness Journeys, offers his advice

Meditation practice is a kind of temporary isolation from conditions that are not beneficial to us. These conditions can include being too busy, or too much exposure to negativity or sickness in the environment. When we separate ourselves somewhat from our usual total immersion in society, we can create a new kind of pristine environment, new conditions for a personal reset, and set up new healthy habits for reinventing ourselves.

  • Read a helpful and inspirational book which deals directly with meditation practice and how to meditate, and choose a technique that resonates with you – watching the breath, witnessing your thoughts, or focusing on an object.
  •  Set up a sacred space in your home. Include a cushion and a simple ‘shrine’ made up of something that resonates with you – it could be candles, incense and photo of an inspirational teacher, or just a simple vase of flowers or something else you find restful and inspiring.
  • Establish a daily schedule. Try meditation two times a day, first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening, with a duration you feel comfortable with.
  • Include readings from an inspiring book before your meditation session.
  • Establish a physical exercise which will help you stay with your meditation practice, like yoga, which makes the connection between mind and body. Practice it with mindfulness.
  • Appreciate the natural world. Go for walks, enjoy nature, and mix this time with a ‘meditation mind’.

Virtual Retreating

There are lots of apps and programmes online that provide good meditation instruction. Mindfulness Journeys offers daily online retreats with three classes of guided meditation, gentle flow yoga and yin yoga, and repeats the same schedule everyday to help you establish new healthy habits. More at

Plan ahead for a restful retreat

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