Establish a daily routine

Queenly tips for home retreating 

How to establish a daily routine  
We are thinking of all our readers as many of us face isolation, financial rockiness and anxiety over ourselves, our loved ones and communities. Now could be the right time to retreat at home – if only for a short time each day – to help make the most of your time and emerge strong and ready for anything. Here are some quick tips from our queenly retreats on how to establish a daily routine.

Slow down

Take a long slow bath, read a book, breathe mindfully when you make food and wash up… and slow the f***k down – Jonathan Miles, founder of Kali Yoga in Spain and Italy

Create a daily structure

Daily structure really helps you stay productive, happy and avoid anxiety and depression. Little rituals ground the structure. You could get up at the same time each morning, meditate or do yoga, have a shower, oil your body, and then a wholesome breakfast. Have quality time with your children until lunch, then work in the afternoons until supper – whatever works for you. You could make one day a week, make it a cleaning day and another a shopping day – Gertrud Keazor, founder of Yobaba Lounge retreats, France

Start your day with intentionality

Intentionality is the invisible scaffolding that will give passion and purpose to how you live your life. This could be an inspirational quote or a simple affirmation that uplifts and inspires you. Every morning, on waking, I say a daily aspiration. It reminds me of who I want to be and how I want to live.  Whatever your practice, now is the perfect time to start. Be realistic with how much time you allocate – you could do a ten minute meditation followed by 30 minutes of yoga, but if you can only manage to say out loud a favourite quote, that’s ok too – Olivia Clarke, founder of The Coach House Retreat, Wales

Bring the outside in

Take advantage of nature and its positive effects on our wellbeing by bringing the outdoors in: fresh flowers and plants will lift your mood; candles scented with lavender, rosemary and mint help relieve stress; meals made from natural local ingredients will nourish your body – Maryann Richmond-Coggan, owner of Green Farm, Kent

Digitally detox 

By choosing to digitally detox for a set time each day, you give yourself a break from the current explosion of digital information and some time to reflect and practice some simple self-care. Put your devices down and try reconnecting with nature if you can, or spend time making your home feel good, whether that’s declutter or re-arrange a room, trying a new recipe or having a relaxing bath. Your digital detox time should be peaceful, where you do something gentle to help you relax and feel better – Jools Sampson, founder of Reclaim your Self

Move in a way you love

Move purposely for 30 minutes every day, but choose activities that are pleasant and exciting for you, as this will stimulate the neurotransmitters and hormones such as endorphins and dopamine that make you feel satisfied and positive and support the muscle oxygenation which improves your immune system – Erica D’Angelo, Director of Wellbeing at Borgo Egnazia, Italy 

Create your own retreat space  
When you’re at home, you can create your own retreat space for deeper introspection – a place free from distractions, to activate your senses, shift your perspective and open the mind’s creative gates. You could use this contemplative space for a short time each day, at a regular time each week, or for a lengthier intensive day (s) – whatever works best for you and your schedule – find out more here. – Julie Hosler, Narrative Strategist and founder of The Strategic Space retreats

Plan ahead

Have you recently booked a retreat or are you considering booking one? All the retreats that form part of our collection care deeply about your wellbeing – please contact them directly for the most up to date health and travel advice and take a look at the World Health Organisation guidelines.

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