Stay holistically healthy

Queenly tips for home retreating 

How to stay holistically healthy
Retreating at home, if only for a short time each day, can help you make the most of your time and emerge strong and ready for anything. Here are some tips from our queenly retreats on how to stay holistically healthy.

Check in

Check in. Our body is the boundary of our world. In the words of mindfulness teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn, “wherever you go, there you are.” Take time throughout your day to notice your internal weather system: tightness, bloating, numbness, pulsations… as if you were listening to the weatherman. One conscious breath is all it takes to come back to the present – Amber Scott, retreat leader at Trasierra, Spain

Sooth your breath

If you notice yourself becoming anxious, use ‘Soothing Rhythm Breath’. Inhale for 4-5 seconds through the nose, pause, then exhale for 4-5 seconds through a small hole in the mouth, finding a soothing rhythm – Ollie Frame, mindfulness with compassion retreat leader at The Sharpham Trust, Devon

Write a gratitude list

Each day, help clear mind clutter by writing a list of everything you’re grateful for. Gratitude is an emotion expressed through words and actions that focuses on what we have rather than what we want or perceive to lack. Write down your appreciation for people, things and experiences. Being thankful for what you have can become clearer when it’s on paper. It’s impossible to have too much clutter in your mind when you’re in a state of gratitude – John Brant, founder of La Crisalida Retreat, Spain


Meditation practice is a kind of temporary isolation from conditions that are not beneficial to us. These conditions can include being too busy, or too much exposure to negativity or sickness in the environment. When we separate ourselves somewhat from our usual total immersion in society, we can create a new kind of pristine environment, new conditions for a personal reset, and set up new healthy habits for reinventing ourselves. Find out how here – Lama Brian Hilliard, meditation teacher and co-founder of Mindfulness Journeys

Find the majestic in the domestic 

As a mum of three under three year olds, the thought of a lock down fills me with dread, especially as I was so looking forward to getting back to fitness and yoga classes after the arrival of our third baby. So trying to find a retreat in each and every day is my challenge at the moment. I am trying find the majestic in the domestic – folding the kids clothes is my mindfulness practise. I take my time, and practise gratitude as I fold, thankful for the children that I have, who create all this washing! Remember during this time, you don’t have to go out to go inward – Laura Bell, yoga teacher and founder of The Zest Life Retreats in Wales

Make big batches of sauerkraut

Gut health forms the basis of your immune system. This is why consuming live, fermented foods daily will massively boost your immunity. I make sure I have at least one type of probiotic food daily, be it natural, unsweetened yoghurt or a little bit of sauerkraut as a side with my main meal. It is really cheap and easy to make sauerkraut at home – all you need is a cabbage, salt and a mason-jar. So that’s what I do when I retreat at home: make big batches of sauerkraut to see me through when things get busy again – Claudia Spahr, founder of Holy Mama retreats, Ibiza

Photo by Matt Briney on Unsplash

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