Facilitate life change

Queenly tips for home retreating 

How to facilitate life change
Retreating at home, if only for a short time each day, can help you make the most of your time and emerge strong and ready for anything. Here are some tips from our queenly retreats on how to facilitate life change.

Do things differently

The reason we go on retreat is to experience ourselves in different ways, by doing different things, in different locations, with different experiences and people. To bring back awareness at home, try and change how you live in your environment by choosing to do things differently. If usually journal in your favourite chair, experiment with what happens when your journal standing up. Usually chat on the phone while cooking? What happens when you chat and lie down in the least used room in your house instead? Simply changing your surroundings will change your experience of yourself and help you notice what what they shift in your perspective and your inner-chatter – Tania Carriere, founder of Advivum Journeys

Use your intuition

For some inner guidance at turbulent times, use your intuition to help you change by writing a letter to your older self. Perhaps in your letter you will explain you are in a unfulfilling job, or that your friendships or relationships are troubling you. Perhaps you want to change something about your behaviour or attitude, or you feel uneasy about something but you don’t know why. If you are 36, what would your 51 year old heroine or hero say to you? Or if you are 45 – what would your 60 year old self say to help you? Worry less, perhaps. Live a life true to yourself. Speak your truth. Now is the time to use your imagination. Try it – it’s likely your intuition will grant you some incredible advice and guide you along the right path – Emma Bodkin, co-founder of Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats

Rewrite your future

There is no magic formula to writing – you shut yourself in a room and write. Writers know that something magic happens when other noises drop away and you are left with your thoughts and stories. Use this quiet pause to become a creator, not a consumer, of stories. Write beautiful long letters. Write your life story. Write – Sarah Bullen of The Writing Room Retreats

Create a Ten Year Vision

One of the things you can use your time for at home is to look ahead.  Einstein said, “your imagination is a preview of the best attributes the future will hold”.  When you are looking ahead, it’s best to look very far into the future.  That way, your inner critical voice can’t sabotage you.  If you don’t have that voice saying to you – ‘that’s never going to work’ – then you are more likely to allow yourself to dream it – find out how to create a 10 year vision for yourself here  – Jessica McGregor Johnson, founder of Two Days To Get Unstuck private coaching retreats, Spain

Find your own truth

For me the art of healing is to find our own truth and look at any current situation as an opportunity for change from within. Asking ourselves what we want and what we need. Not being too influenced by fear, but using fear as an alert tool and doing our best to stay grounded and connected with what is really valuable and important to us in our lives – Berny Serrão, artist and founder of Paraiso Escondido, Portugal 


Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

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