Retreat of the week – Penninghame Process

Retreat of the week
Penninghame Process, Scotland

If you’ve ever questioned who you really are and what you’re doing in life, the Penninghame Process could provide answers (or stir up even more interesting questions). This is a full-on, deep, immersive week of intense inner enquiry (with similarities to the Hoffman Process and The Bridge). It’s probably one of the most intensive retreats you’ll ever attend, but it’s also great fun and wildly liberating. The Process takes you on a deep journey into your unconscious using a unique and powerful blend of techniques and processes. From daily dynamic meditation and mindfulness practices, to deep self-enquiry, ritual drama, and transformative bodywork and breathwork, you come out feeling as if your entire psyche has been scrubbed clean and the shutters of your heart flung wide open. It’s a life shifter, and for those who want to go deeper into the work, there is also a Step 2 and a Step 3 to book onto after.

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