Retreat of the week – Being at the cottage

Being at the Cottage UK Queen of Retreats
Retreat of the week
Being at the Cottage, Abergavenny, Wales

This inspirational and mind-changing solo retreat set deep in the countryside near Abergavenny was set up by coach Wilma Allan. In private coaching alongside time out alone she helps business leaders and entrepreneurs revitalise the way they think and approach change within their organisations or own businesses. Whether you come to chew over a problem, get help to make a big decision or just to rejuvenate the way you approach your work, the combination of a beautiful cottage in the woods, a withdrawal from tech and powerful coaching will help you reach a Eureka! moment. Choose a four day Delve retreat, which can be arranged on dates to suit you from a Monday to a Friday, or a shorter Dabble retreat over a weekend. Come alone, or with a colleague you want to work with.

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