On creating a 10 year vision

A home retreat tip from mentor Jessica McGregor Johnson, founder of Two Days To Get Unstuck private coaching retreats

How to create a Ten Year Vision
  • Know that this is a perfect time to stop.  By having this dedicated time just for you, you can do all the preparation work, so that once the world starts to open up and move again, you will be ready to move forward with it – in whatever direction you choose.
  • One of the things you can use your time for is to look ahead.  Einstein said, “your imagination is a preview of the best attributes the future will hold”.  When you are looking ahead, it’s best to look very far into the future.  That way, your inner critical voice can’t sabotage you.  If you don’t have that voice saying to you – ‘that’s never going to work’ – then you are more likely to allow yourself to dream it.
  • Get ready, because you are going to go on a journey.  Get comfortable and take three, long, deep breaths.  Relax and feel the chair supporting you.
  • Now become aware of a timeline above your head – the past in one direction and the future in the other. Pop up to that timeline and follow it 10 years into the future.  Once you get there, stop and look down to see yourself 10 years into the future, and looking at the scene below you, ask yourself these questions:
– What am I doing that gives me the greatest fulfilment?
– How are my relationships – partner, children, family?
– What am I doing for fun?
– What is my home like?
– Where do I live?
– How do I spend my days?
– How much energy do I have?
– What am I doing for work?
– What does my work week look like?
– What is my work environment?
– What impact do I have?
  • Take some time over this, and remember this is about the ‘what’ and not the ‘how’.  Allow some day-dreaming and see it all playing out in the future.  And remember, no censoring – you do not have to know how you’ll do this – just what you’d like it to look and feel like.
  • Next, draw a picture or create a collage that encapsulates your vision.  It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece or take hours to do, simply something that you can have somewhere that will remind you of what you are moving towards.  Your vision needs to feel tangible, like you can reach out and touch it, and this is your visual reminder that will help to propel you forward in your coming months.
To find out more about creating a 10 year vision, watch this video.
Virtual retreating 
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