Yoga retreats

Most retreats feature an element of yoga, but those in this section are the very best retreats, with yoga at their heart. Whether you opt for Scotland, Spain, Thailand, Portugal or India, you can expect several hours of yoga per day. The practice usually starts early with a sun salutation, and sets you up for the day ahead. Often there’s an afternoon practice, and if you’re lucky, there’s a late evening session to help you wind down for bed. Such regular practice will boost your confidence and you’ll see improvement within days. Choose from set-date retreats which focus primarily on yoga, whether it’s Lu Jong, Tibetan healing yoga, Vinyasa or Hatha yoga. Or opt for a retreat that’s open year-round and offers yoga as one of its activities. While yoga might be the main focus at both types of retreat, it’s often combined with a plethora of other activities, including hiking, fitness, surfing, free-diving and kite-surfing. And, of course, it goes hand-in-hand with more gentle pursuits, such as walks in nature, a digital detox and meditation. Take a look at the yoga retreats we recommend, pack your yoga gear… and enjoy.

Set-date yoga retreats

Refreshing yoga retreats and holidays that run on set dates in gorgeous locations


Year-round yoga retreats

Retreats open all year round that offer yoga classes or programmes to suit all abilities