Business coaching retreats

Whether you’re an emerging leader, very ambitious or you just want to do better in your company, you’ll undergo a cognitive reboot with our experienced coaches and emerge with a compelling vision for your future. In this section, we’ve reviewed and recommend high calibre therapists at the top of their game. These experts will help you recalibrate your business story, start a whole new, successful chapter and give you take-home tools to continue your work. Opt for London in the UK, Italy, France or the US, where you’ll be encouraged to think expansively. Do you fear you’re not good enough to go further in your business or are you afraid of public speaking? At these retreats you’ll undergo one-to-one sessions or workshops to remove blocks so your path to success is clear. Of course, we’re always at our most intuitive and creative when we’re relaxed, so as well as working on yourself and your business, you might also sample the retreat’s facilities. Enjoy a delicious cleansing diet, a spot of yoga or Pilates to align your body and soothing treatments to support you as you start your climb up that career ladder.

The Writing Room Retreats

Soulful writing retreats with a top coaching team

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The Strategic Space retreats

5 1 vote

Powerful cognitive reboots in France and other locations

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Chateau de Mouillac, France

5 15 votes

Exquisitely catered raw vegan cleanse with life-changing therapies in a magical setting

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The Strategic Space Retreat, France

5 4 votes

Personal strategy retreats to help articulate your vision and plan for that reality

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Get Unstuck in Two Days, Spain

5 33 votes

Private bespoke life coaching retreat in Spain and online with Jessica McGregor Johnson

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A Place To Heal, London

5 2 votes

Urban retreat with handpicked, high calibre therapists in a smart Notting Hill house

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Being At The Cottage, Abergavenny, Wales

5 3 votes

Empowering solo rural retreat for busy innovators and entrepreneurs with a compelling vision for change.

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