Raw food retreats

Fancy seeing what it’s like to ‘go raw’? The raw food retreats that form part of our collection educate you about raw food or provide raw food meals. Raw or living food is prepared at up to 42°C to get the most nutritional value out of a dish, and is plant-based with fruit, nuts and seeds. If this appeals, we have plenty of trustworthy retreats for you to try. You could head to south-west France where you’ll discover an incredible array of dishes, or retreat in Bali where you’ll enjoy a hands-on raw food workshop, and then make your own lunch. Don’t imagine for a minute that you’ll be deprived. Some of the chefs at our retreats provide such a fine dining experience and concoct such an incredible range of dishes, you’ll think you’re eating like royalty. Imagine tucking into a delectable healthy chocolate dessert on a raw retreat in Asia or nurturing yourself with a bowlful of goodness, followed by an amazing Macadamia nut cheese with crackers at a cosy retreat in England. It’s well worth a try!

Jiva Healing Retreats

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Reliably relaxing healthy eating, detoxing and yoga retreats

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Aluna Healing Retreats

Transformational healing retreats in stunning, wild and ancient landscapes 

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Bliss Body Retreats

Expert yoga retreats in stunning natural surroundings

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Chateau de Mouillac, France

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Exquisitely catered raw vegan cleanse with life-changing therapies in a magical setting

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Puri Ganesha, Bali

Beachside private villas for vegan raw food retreats and relaxation in North West Bali

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The Sanctuary, Thailand

Laid-back beach retreat for detoxing and healing therapies on Koh Phanghan

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Yobaba Lounge, France

Splendid wellness retreats in an eccentric bohemian chateau in Chalabre

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Homefield Grange, England

Reliable health retreat in the Northamptonshire countryside

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