You are what you eat – and on retreat, food is of huge importance. Most retreats on Queen of Retreats offer healthy food, but in this section we highlight retreats that offer proper guidance in the form of healthy cooking classes or nutrition consultations and workshops. You could get your diet assessed at a nutrition retreat and see where you’re going wrong back home, with a plan to put it right. Go along to healthy cookery demos and watch how the experts create those mouth-watering, yet incredibly healthy meals that are packed with goodness. You’ll learn some new techniques and get to know ingredients you never knew what to do with. Or try a whole new way of eating entirely. Go raw and taste how delicious those nuts and seeds can be. Fancy giving up meat and fish? Our vegetarian retreats offer nutrient-rich fodder that can cleanse and heal you, and you might pick up some take-home tips to recreate the dishes long after your retreat has ended. Whether you’re a committed or just a curious vegan, you’ll be astounded at the sumptuous plant-derived meals and new flavours you’re offered at our vegan retreats. Tuck in and enjoy.

Foodie retreats

If you’re a foodie and food and drink are a priority, take a look at our favourite foodie retreats


Healthy cooking retreats

Polish your culinary skills and learn how to make delicious dishes on a healthy cooking retreat


Nutrition retreats

Try a nutrition retreat, find out which foods and drink are best for your body, and feel fantastic


Raw food retreats

Be brave, go raw and dine like royalty with delicious meals at one of our raw food retreats


Vegan retreats

Cleanse and nourish your body with mouth-watering food at our vegan retreats


Vegetarian retreats

Detox and cleanse by fuelling your body with nutrient-rich food at one of our vegetarian retreats