Journaling retreats

Journaling is sometimes referred to as reflective writing, but whatever term you use, it’s a clever and creative freeflow practice that allows us to empty our heads and hearts onto paper, without external judgement. You’ll be at your most honest, raw and vulnerable so it’s vital you’re in trustworthy hands. We’ve tried and tested our journaling retreats and we know you’ll be nurtured, whether you head to the Scottish Highlands, the south of France, rural Kent in the UK or Hawaii. Some journaling retreats will ask you to write first thing, just after waking, as author Julia Cameron recommends in her book, The Artist’s Way. The idea is you’ll empty your head of emotional clutter into your Morning Pages so you can go through the rest of the day, unencumbered. Other retreats will have structured questions for you to write about. Reading back your pages isn’t always a comfortable experience, and you’ll notice plenty of repetition, waffle and even profanity. But you’ll get to know yourself better, you’ll discover mental clarity and you’ll problem-solve as you identify patterns of inner dialogue and behaviour.

Arvon Creative Writing Retreats

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The Writing Room Retreats

Soulful writing retreats & residencies with a top coaching team

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Value Your Mind Retreats

Cosseting weekend or 5-night retreats with yoga, journalling, walks and good food

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Advivum Journeys

Transformative life coaching adventures around the world

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The Strategic Space retreats

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Powerful cognitive reboots in France and other locations

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Aluna Healing Retreats

Transformational healing retreats in stunning, wild and ancient landscapes 

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Arvon Courses at The Hurst, Shropshire, England

Rural haven once owned by playwright John Osborne for masterful creative writing retreats

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Bliss Body Retreat, Bali, Indonesia

Slow down and create space for healing in a tropical eden

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The Strategic Space Retreat, France

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Personal strategy retreats to help articulate your vision and plan for that reality

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La Crisalida Retreats, Spain

Wellness holidays on the Costa Blanca with yoga, detox and life coaching

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Artful Retreats, Crete

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Exceptional art therapy retreats on a private olive grove estate in Gavalochor

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Bespoke Retreats, West Sussex, England

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Transformational meditation, healing and life coaching retreats with bespoke extras

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Being At The Cottage, Abergavenny, Wales

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Empowering solo rural retreat for busy innovators and entrepreneurs with a compelling vision for change.

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Aluna Healing, Scotland

Heal body and mind in the spectacular Scottish Highlands

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Villa Maecenas, Ibiza

Inspiring creative retreats for the bon vivant in an intimate and magical setting

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