Going on a creative retreat is a hugely liberating experience, and can leave you feeling empowered and inspired. We have tried, tested and reviewed a range of creative retreats with great care, so you can find the creative holiday that’s best for you. Art therapy retreats use art as a tool for mindfulness, while some general wellbeing retreats offer art and craft sessions to help you explore any life issues that might be bugging you. You could join a professional on a photography retreat and perfect landscape shots while immersing yourself in nature. Or let your creative juices flow on a painting escape where you can heal free from judgement. A creative writing holiday or retreat will give you undisturbed space and time to work on your novel, screenplay or creative writing venture, published or unpublished. If you want to discover more about yourself, consider a journaling retreat where you do some reflective writing. You’ll discover mental clarity and problem solve, and find you really do have all the answers inside your own head. Whichever creative retreat you choose, dare to dream big, and create the life you’ve always imagined. You’ll return home, invigorated and rejuvenated.

Arts and craft retreats

Power up your creative side and increase your mindfulness on an arts and craft retreat


Creative writing retreats

Get your prose or poetry out of your head and onto paper or screen at one of our creative writing retreats


Creative thinking retreats

Tackle emotional challenges with a sense of joy at one of our creative thinking retreats


Journaling retreats

Explore your heart, problem solve and get clarity on a cleansing journaling retreat


Photography retreats

Book a photography retreat in a lovely location and hone your skills with an expert