Who you choose to retreat with is important as it can make or break your time away. Get it wrong, and it can spoil a trip, but get it right, and the memories will stay with you forever. Many retreats are best to attend as a solo traveller, so that you can focus on yourself and get the most out of your experience, without having to account for your emotions or explain what your plans are. Solo trips will bolster your confidence and give you the chance to meet new, like-minded people. But there are retreats that are perfect for you and a friend or two. Travelling with a trusted pal means you’ll always have someone to chat to or eat with, so you can stave off loneliness. They’ll also be there to support you if you struggle with the regime on retreat. And you will have fun and plenty of laughs along the way. Then there are retreats for couples. Why not cocoon on a retreat with someone you love, spend some quality time together and reconnect, or get some help for issues in your relationship? You might decide to take the children, and relax as a family. The choice is yours.

Couples therapy retreats

Relax and reconnect with your partner as you work through relationship issues at a couples therapy retreat


Family friendly retreats

Get away to a family friendly retreat where you can relax, have fun and work through any issues


Friends and lovers retreats

Book a retreat with a friend or lover - you’ll learn a lot, chill out and laugh together


Mothers and daughters retreats

Taking mum and/or dad on retreat isn’t an obvious choice, but it can be incredibly bonding and healing


Retreats for solo travellers

Flex your courage muscle, enjoy your own company and learn new things on our retreats for solo travellers