Holistic detox retreats

Here you’ll find all the holistic detox retreats we have reviewed in depth and recommend. These are either destination spas that offer gentle detox programmes, or smaller holistic havens and date-specific group retreats for gentle cleansing. These retreats help you detox your body with light and cleansing meals and activities rather than using tougher options such as juice fasting. It can be difficult to stay pure in our toxic modern world, and whilst enjoying life is paramount, a gentle detox retreat allows us to pause, to breathe deeply and learn fresh new habits again – both physical and psychological. We love gentle detoxing breaks for the way they make us feel lighter and brighter, clear-headed and energised. You may lose a few pounds, sleep better and or find that health problems subside. Whatever you feel you need, use our honest reviews to help you pick the right detox retreat for you. Do also take a look at our curated collection of yoga retreats, many of which are also naturally cleansing.

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