For the exhausted and overwhelmed, help is at hand. Our curated collection of cleansing retreats will help you pause, declutter and learn fresh new habits – both physical and psychological. Choose a fully immersive juice fast detox retreat or a gentler raw food detox retreat to rebalance, re-energise and kick start weight loss. On a supportive emotional detox retreat you can undertake therapy or just enjoy wellbeing activities to help you deal with your emotions and clear a busy head. If you’re over-wired, a digital detox retreat gives you the chance to put away all your devices and and reconnect with yourself again. Whatever you choose, the detox retreats we have reviewed are sure to help you back to health and happiness.

All detox retreats

Cleanse your body, declutter your mind

Ayurveda detox retreats

Panchakarmas are a powerful way to cleanse and heal

Digital detox retreats

Disconnect from your devices to reconnect with yourself

Holistic detox retreats

Cleanse your body, declutter your mind

Juice fast detox retreats

Places to juice fast all year or dedicated juice fasting breaks

Raw food detox retreats

Use the power of raw food to feel better

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