In our toxic modern world, it can be hard to stay pure and healthy. Many of us rush around, eating on the go, surviving on less sleep than we should be getting, using stimulants for energy and stressing over everyday life. For the exhausted and overwhelmed, the burnt-out and bloated, help is at hand. Our curated collection of cleansing retreats will help you pause, regroup and learn fresh new habits – both physical and psychological. Our life-changing cleansing retreats are run by experienced, empathetic practitioners who understand modern day challenges. They’ll guide you through your chosen regime, whether that’s a fully immersive juice fast detox retreat or a gentler raw food detox retreat. You may decide to just eat clean, ditch caffeine and alcohol and benefit from the produce many retreats grow, cultivate and harvest themselves. Or you might opt for an ayurveda retreat and benefit from the ancient Indians’ wisdom. Whatever type of retreat you choose, you’ll have highs and lows – feeling hungry at night and experiencing colonic irrigation isn’t for everyone, but you’ll emerge rested, lighter and healed, with a new-found confidence and a resolve to live your life differently.

Ayurveda detox retreats

Overhaul your wellness with an ayurveda detox retreat, and wallow in soothing, detoxifying treatments


Holistic detox retreats

Purify your body, learn new habits and release stress and toxins at a holistic detox retreat


Juice fast detox retreats

Restart your digestive system and clear your mind, body and emotions on a juice fast detox retreat


Raw food detox retreats

Go raw and cleanse or heal a health issue at one of our raw food detox retreats


Weight loss detox retreats

Detox and cleanse, take control of your eating and shed surplus weight at a weight loss detox retreat