Silent retreats

The restorative power of being in silence is well known. It quietens the chatter in our mind, calms us and recharges our batteries. But being silent – especially for the first time in our lives – can be a daunting prospect. First-time silence-seekers often ask what they can expect from a silent retreat and what they’re really like. They worry they won’t be able to convey their feelings, ask for what they want, or they won’t get their personality across to other guests.The truth is, silent retreats are often a different experience for everyone. Some silent retreats will offer periods of silence at certain times of the day or evening, often for just a few hours, while others expect silence from when you arrive until the day you leave. The retreats we’ve reviewed and recommend across the UK, Europe and Asia are nurturing and caring.They’ll guide you as you close down your verbal communication and go inwards. And that’s when the real magic happens. Like jigsaw puzzle pieces fitting together, you’ll discover your innate wisdom as answers and observations you never knew you had inside you come to the fore. It’s a voyage of discovery – inside your own head.

Discover Your Depths Retreats

Seasonally-inspired freediving and yoga retreats in Egypt and Europe

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The Writing Room Retreats

Soulful writing retreats with a top coaching team

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Sharpham Trust, England

Mindfulness and meditation retreats in a barn, in woodland and a mansion above the River Dart

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Yobaba Lounge, France

Splendid wellness retreats in an eccentric bohemian chateau in Chalabre

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AyurYoga Eco-Ashram, India

Authentic yoga and ayurveda programmes in lush Indian countryside near Mysore

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Mandali, Italy

Meditation, yoga and personal growth in a sensitively curated environment with a view to die for.

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Discover Your Depths, Dahab, Egypt

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Transformative desert and ocean retreats that integrate coaching, yoga, meditation & freediving

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